Edge Computing for Department of Defense

Department of Defense (DoD) forces must be able to share data and capabilities across warfighting platforms, while maintaining high levels of security. The Multi Domain Operations (MDO) focus of the Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) framework is part of this modernization effort. Learn how adopting a container-based application platform like Red Hat® OpenShift® can help the joint forces build applications once, and then deploy and migrate them where and when they are needed.

Executive Summary: The Business Value of Red Hat Solutions and Cost Relationship to Unpaid Alternatives

IDC’s Business Value research found that Red Hat solutions are far more cost-effective than unpaid infrastructure alternatives. Numerous IDC studies found that subscription-based infrastructure software from Red Hat offers a 3-year return on investment (ROI) of 368% and 32% lower infrastructure costs. Download this executive summary to learn more.

Boost security, flexibility, and scale at the edge with Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Edge deployments can provide faster insights for decision-making, increase data security, and reduce data transfer and collection costs. Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® is a consistent, flexible, and security-focused foundation that maximizes the performance, manageability, and stability of your edge deployment. It brings dependability to your edge deployments with an interoperable layer for varied edge devices, allowing you to optimize your existing edge investments and reduce operational risk. Read this e-book to learn how Red Hat Enterprise Linux can help you extend your datacenter capabilities to the edge with confidence.

An IT Executive's Guide to Automation

Download the e-book to see how automation software can help you close the gap between the C-suite and the implementers.

Decision Dominance in Multi-Domain Operations

There is a demand in the U.S. Army for machine-assisted decision-making in edge computing environments. Red Hat enables the Department of Defense (DoD) to make data-driven decisions by improving data integration in multi-domain operations (MDO).

5 Ways to Help Solve the Federal Vaccine Mandate Challenge

With over 4 million federal employees and contractors that need to be vaccinated, applying customer experience (CX) best practices with employees as part of the vaccine effort can alleviate unnecessary stress and other unintended consequences on organizations required to comply with the federal vaccine mandate. If the sheer scale of the challenge is not enough, agencies must tread lightly in an emotionally charged environment to handle this very sensitive topic with the utmost care. The employee experience and human element can’t be ignored. Read this strategy guide for 5 CX best practices to help federal agencies implement and manage new polices around the vaccine mandate.

Addressing the Department of Defense's Zero Trust Framework with the CyberArk Identity Security Platform

With the White House's executive order implementing guidelines on how to improve the nation's cybersecurity posture, federal agencies are required to modernize their approach to cybersecurity. This modernization is being done, in part, through Zero Trust architecture.

A Partnership for the Air Force

An IT network is the heartbeat of any enterprise. For the U.S. Air Force—one of the largest enterprises in the world—they needed to ensure service continuity to locations throughout the world. Learn how Affigent and Dell Technologies executed an entire, widespread technical refresh.