Transforming Federal Agencies with Enterprise IT Automation

Federal government agencies require robust IT and software capabilities to carry out their agency-specific missions and day-to-day operations. Solve software development challenges due to security and compliance regulations with enterprise IT automation.

API-Led Hybrid Integration is Key to Successful Implementation of DoD Data Strategy

The U.S. Department of Defense's new data strategy includes transforming into a data-centric organization. This transformation will allow the DoD to fulfill a number of missions, from better preparedness and improved outcomes on the battlefield to more efficient operation and procurement. Download this whitepaper to explore the technical challenges facing the DoD data strategy.

Enterprise Business Capabilities Series: Postmodern ERP as the New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has given new meaning to ‘mission readiness’ for government agencies and made a safe, secure, and digitally-oriented workforce even more crucial. As government agencies adapt to the new environment, they may need to adopt innovative approaches to give employees access to the resources they need to fulfill their duties and achieve mission readiness. Learn more about how flexible, cloud-based ERP systems can help them get there.

Managing a Safe and Efficient Federal Workplace

Entering the next phase of the pandemic recovery, employers are now focused on planning for workplace reentry and post-reentry. Maintaining health, safety, and physical and mental welling being is paramount for the Administration within the Federal Government.

Edge Computing in Action: Space

Astronauts in deep space need to make critical decisions quickly. The barrier to edge computing in space has had limited physical space, power and cooling resources aboard space stations and satellites. Data scientists accustomed to infinite cloud resources are rethinking the way code is developed.

Mitigate Risk with Privilege Access Management

The U.S. Department of Defense has published a new Zero Trust Reference Architecture that now incorporates a key tenet for privileged account security. This means federal agencies can modernize their cybersecurity stance and incorporate best practices to mitigate risk by implementing privileged access management (PAM). This whitepaper will discuss why privileged access matters and what federal agencies need to do in order to follow the government’s recommendations for adopting a Zero Trust framework.

Selecting Flexible and Reliable Storage: NetApp Advanced Storage Solution

A reliable storage solution is necessary to keep your data out of the wrong hands and maintain compliance. Red River and NetApp recently upgraded storage for a federal healthcare agency with nearly 150 locations. Download the case study to learn how the new solution not only maintained compliance, but offered actionable intelligence while connecting to a wide variety of data points -- all while keeping costs in check.

ServiceNow and the DoD: Realizing the National Defense Strategy

Working together, we can transform the operations of our national defense to compete, deter, and win. ServiceNow provides valuable solutions to align with the objectives of the National Defense Strategy (NDS) and the DoD Data Strategy. Download our full report now to learn how ServiceNow takes care of our people and supports the National Defense Strategy.