Privileged Access Management Blueprint for the Federal Government

Follow the CyberArk Blueprint framework to design an effective privileged access management implementation road map that complies with NIST's SP 800-53, NIST’s SP 800-171, DHS’ CDM program, the White House’s National Insider Threat Executive Order, and NERC’s CIP standards.

How High-Performance Satellite Connectivity Is Changing Government Aeronautical Operations

Global data needs are complex and unpredictable. Demand is exploding for high-speed communications to carry out increasingly sophisticated and expanding mission needs worldwide. According to the the 2019 Euroconsult Satellite Connectivity Survey, total capacity demand is expected to increase at a 24% CAGR from 2019-2024 for manned and unmanned government missions around the world. As a result, today’s military aviation ― whether conducting enroute VVIP communications or engaged in a manned ISR mission — require more robust, reliable, and secure high-speed broadband connectivity whenever and wherever they need it.

Mission Assured Data Protection

Veeam’s Federal customers have missions that only they can accomplish, and they need data protection that ensures they can complete those missions no matter what. Veeam ensures that your mission critical data is protected and available whether on-premises or in the cloud. When it’s time to recover data, Veeam’s advanced features let you be confident that your data is free of malware, securely restored, and is accessible where and when you need it.

What is Advanced Fuzzing?

The fundamentals of software security is simple in theory — deploy vulnerability-free code. However, Gartner maintains, “vulnerabilities, and the exploitation of them, are still the root cause of most information security breaches today.” Because of this, irrespective of code type, all software must be thoroughly tested. Download this guide to get an in-depth look at fuzzing, a dynamic application security testing technique.

Good, Better, Best Software Testing

If you're testing your software, you're already one step ahead of the bad guys. However, some forms of testing are still missing big parts of the picture. Download this resource to see side-by-side comparisons, so you may determine the best type of testing for your agency.

IBM Cognitive Equipment Advisor: Predictive Maintenance for the Military

If your equipment breaks down during or before a mission, you know you’ve already lost the battle. But, what if you knew which part was going to fail and you were able to fix it before it broke down? Indeed, you need more than just deep mechanical knowledge to predict and repair breakdowns. No, for this kind of insight, to remain in a constant state of readiness, you need a boost from AI.

The Defense AI Toolkit

The Defense Department’s foray into AI brings with it promises of a new dawn for military readiness, but getting started isn’t always easy. This toolkit will enable DoD agencies to identify the steps to embark on an automation journey — it provides tips and strategies for harnessing data through high-powered data analytics and automation to help complete the mission.

Data Collaboration for State and Local Governments

State and local governments need a secure data exchange to deliver services efficiently and securely for their users and citizens. But making internal and external data available to different departments, partners, and citizens is difficult and error-prone with legacy data sharing methods. Download this solution brief to learn about a centrally managed data tool that allows agencies, departments, and separate organizations to collaborate within a controlled, secure environment.