How VDI Secures the Network

Today’s network and business challenges point to a growing need for better security across the complex, interconnected systems of enterprise networks. Virtual Bridges VDI brings order and Department of Defense accepted high-level security to multiple levels of the network and helps address three tough security challenges for network and information security experts: BYOD, multilevel security and disaster recovery / business continuity.


Topics covered in this paper:

Security Benefits of VDI, Securing Data at Rest, Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting, Application and Regulatory Compliance


How VDI Solves 3 Enterprise Security Issues

Security Challenge #1: BYOD

  • Access Control, Security Architecture and Design, Information Security Governance and Risk Management


Security Challenge #2: Multilevel Security

  • Access Control, Telecommunications and Network Security


Security Challenge #3: Disaster Recovery

  • Single volume backup / restore, Stateless servers, High availability within clusters, Cloud branch