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DevSecOps Challenges in Secure Environments

Software development for the services and throughout DoD is not one-size-fits-all or one security level for all. This webinar will explore the practice of cross domain software development and the impact it has on the speed and effectiveness of new code deployment. In secure environments, software development typically is done on low-secure side systems. Once ready, the software must be ‘moved’ to highly secured, classified systems. These systems are ‘air-gapped’, meaning there is no connectivity to move the files from the low-side to the high.

Today’s Tech Refresh: Preparing for the Cloud of Tomorrow

It’s no secret that maintaining legacy infrastructure can be costly. Outdated data center technology leads to lagging performance, inefficiencies and security vulnerabilities—putting agencies at increased risk. Cloud computing is an ideal option for quickly modernizing your IT enterprise, but what if you’re not ready to go “all in”? During this webinar, our experts will cover straightforward strategies your agency can employ today to drive efficiencies and lower costs, while also preparing for your next step to the cloud when the time is right.

Taking Control of Your Data

Years of explosive data growth have created an unstructured data nightmare for organizations across the DOD community. Data growth is predicted to be at 40 percent a year for at least the next decade. This data will be scattered across private, hybrid and public cloud architectures, making it difficult to access, manage and secure. The reality is addressing today’s data deluge takes more than storage capacity. Rather, DOD organizations must find a way to identify and protect their most critical information while also eliminating information that lacks value. In this webcast, Col. Linda Jantzen, Acting Director, Army Architecture Integration Center and the Army's Chief Data Officer, will discuss the service’s forthcoming data strategy and its potential applications.

Rethinking Client-to-Cloud Security with Hardware Root of Trust

For government agencies, there is a constant and growing tension between the need to share data and the need to protect it. On one hand, not sharing data is generally not an option: Agencies need to have the ability to put information into the hands of those who need it. On the other hand, they need to ensure that data is accessible only by authorized individuals. Often, agencies have worked around this problem by outfitting employees with multiple computers, each system used to access data on a different network.

Duration: 1HR

The Evolution of ISR: How to Leverage the Full Power of IP-based Networking

This webcast will explore how interconnecting these networks and extending them into the tactical domain requires evolving the set of features and capabilities available in networking components and radio systems to provide for robust, effective and dynamic tactical internetworks.

Duration: 1HR

Big Data in the Defense Community: A Strategy for Building a Seamless, Collaborative Operating Picture

U.S. defense agencies are implementing Big Data analytics to deliver real-time information that is synchronized and consistent, and which can be used to develop a common operating picture across military services. Dr. Robert Bonneau, program manager of the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, will discuss a variety of subjects related to Big Data and the defense community.

Duration: 1 HR

Secure Mobility: Taking Situational Awareness to the Tactical Edge

In this webcast, Robert Scott Jack, Deputy Director and Deputy CIO, C4 at Headquarters Marine Corps will share how the organization is enabling mobile technologies in tactical environments. Further, Mr. Jack will explore policy implications for enabling communications infrastructure and technology.

Duration: 1 HR

Improving Performance Management and Project Control to Meet Cost/Schedule Milestones in DoD Procurement

It can be nearly impossible to build annual budgets that consider forecasted project and program work plans along with detailed cost data, particularly when attempting to reconcile actual and projected program costs with actual schedule performance. In this webcast, a defense IT program manager will share best practices and hard-won lessons aligning critical data on project performance, cost systems and schedules for truly big picture program management insight.

Duration: 1HR

Transforming Military Logistics with Defense Analytics

Data analytics is the "information transformer" for many military and DoD agencies, bringing relevant data together to improve timeliness, effectiveness, and accuracy of decisions and decision-making. Join this online event and hear leading defense industry experts and 1105 Government Information Group editors discuss how an enterprise-wide logistics system can improve organizations.

Duration: 1 hour