Taking Control of Your Data

Years of explosive data growth have created an unstructured data nightmare for organizations across the DOD community. Data growth is predicted to be at 40 percent a year for at least the next decade. This data will be scattered across private, hybrid and public cloud architectures, making it difficult to access, manage and secure. The reality is addressing today’s data deluge takes more than storage capacity. Rather, DOD organizations must find a way to identify and protect their most critical information while also eliminating information that lacks value. In this webcast, Col. Linda Jantzen, Acting Director, Army Architecture Integration Center and the Army's Chief Data Officer, will discuss the service’s forthcoming data strategy and its potential applications.

Potential topics to be addressed include:

  • A description of the current data environment and its challenges
  • An overview of the Army Data Strategy and how it aligns with DOD’s overarching strategy
  • An outline of the governance structure defined by the strategy
  • A framework for applying the strategy’s underlying principles to specific datasets