Big Data in the Defense Community: A Strategy for Building a Seamless, Collaborative Operating Picture

U.S. defense agencies are implementing Big Data analytics to deliver real-time information that is synchronized and consistent, and which can be used to develop a common operating picture across military services. The goal being development of a computing infrastructure and cross-domain solutions that operate more quickly and with greater security, while also enhancing collaboration within and between military services.

Dr. Robert Bonneau, program manager of the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, will discuss a variety of subjects related to Big Data and the defense community, including:

  • How to address large swaths of data and free the bottlenecks to hinder development of a common operating picture
  • What exactly are military services doing to take advantage of Big Data analytics
  • How can cultural attitudes be altered to take advantage of a true collaborative environment
  • What tools are available to help build a seamless picture of intelligence that is actionable in real time
  • Developing governance that works across the Defense Department

Duration: 1 HR