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Susan Miller

Executive Editor, GCN

Susan Miller is executive editor at GCN. Over a career spent in tech media, Miller has worked in editorial, print production and online, starting on the copy desk at IDG’s ComputerWorld, moving to print production for Federal Computer Week and later managing content and production for all the 1105 Media's government-focused websites. Miller shifted back to editorial in 2012, when she began working with GCN. Connect with Susan at or @sjaymiller.
Connected Warrior

IARPA looks to design 'smart' textiles to monitor warfighter health, performance

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity wants electronic components it can stitch into textiles that will adapt to changes in the external environment or user input.

Connected Warrior

DARPA seeks ‘top chef’ for 3D printed food

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency wants ideas for turning cellular biomass into safe, visually appealing, edible and palatable food that can support the military and civilians when traditional food is unavailable.


Water treatment facilities named in joint cyber advisory

To help water and wastewater utilities protect their IT and operational technology systems from cyberattack, the FBI, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency, Environmental Protection Agency and National Security Agency have outlined steps facilities can to take steps to defend themselves.

IT Infrastructure

DARPA’s vision for satellite communications

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is looking to build a low-cost, high-speed reconfigurable optical datalink to interconnect low-Earth Orbit satellites.

NSA outlines Wi-Fi safety best practices

To help remote workers stay secure, the National Security Agency issued guidance on securing wireless devices in public.

Connected Warrior

Defending against attacks on vehicle networks

Army researchers are using machine learning to help the in-vehicle network identify the optimal way to shuffle the frequency and bandwidth allocation of IP addresses to deliver effective, long-term moving target defense for computerized vehicles.

IT Infrastructure

Army tests climate model in Azure cloud

The Army Engineer Research and Development Center will test the scalability of its coastal storm modeling system, CSTORM-MS -- previously run on high-performance computers -- inside Microsoft’s Azure Government cloud.

IT Infrastructure

Air Force plans 3D scans of facilities

The Air Force wants high-resolution 3D scans of the interiors and exteriors of its facilities so it can give civil engineers as well as fire and medical responders greater insight into the condition of buildings before and during emergencies.

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E-sports gaming platforms take off in Air Force

With more than 80% of Airmen ages 18 to 35 identifying as gamers, the Air Force developed a scalable framework and unified competition structure for players.

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VR, AR training helps forward observers direct fire support

The Office of Naval Research has developed augmented and virtual reality tools to make it easier to train the Marines who help protect infantry by keeping an eye on the ground situation and calling in necessary air artillery, mortar and naval gunfire.

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We were promised jetpacks. DARPA looks to deliver

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is looking for ways individual warfighters can strap on a portable personal air mobility system to fly themselves to and from missions.

IT Infrastructure

Army to expand experimental transportation smart base

The Army plans to expand its testbed into the nearby Colorado Springs community with sensor deployment, data integration and the development of AI models and decision dashboards that integrate traffic and weather-related information.

AI & Analytics

More visible data helps drive DOD decision-making

CDOs in the Defense Department are opening up their data to take advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning tools that help surface insights and improve decision-making.

AI & Analytics

Rethinking computing for next-level problems

With current computer systems struggling to keep pace with ever more complex workloads, intelligence and defense agencies are looking for new approaches to solving data-intensive problems.

AI & Analytics

Famed spy plane gets AI upgrade with Kubernetes

The Air Force has equipped a legacy U-2 surveillance aircraft with machine learning thanks to Kubernetes, an open-source container-orchestration system that automates the application deployment, scaling and management.

IT Infrastructure

How’s my driving? Researchers measure trust in autonomous vehicles

Scientists at the Army Research Lab are using facial recognition technology to gauge the trust soldiers have in their robotic teammates, enabling developers to calibrate systems so that they work efficiently with humans whose native trust levels vary.

IT Infrastructure

Marines connect smart base infrastructure

The smart base testbed will leverage Marine Corps Air Station Miramar’s investments in both autonomous vehicles testing and microgrid technology.


DARPA’s first bug bounty targets hardware-based security

Security researchers are challenged to devise exploits that bypass the novel hardware security protections developed for the System Security Integration Through Hardware and Firmware program.

IT Infrastructure

DOD's plan for 'virtual critical care wards' for COVID-19 patients

The Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium wants health professionals to be able to deliver high-quality critical care to bedsides of COVID-19 patients in field hospitals, small rural health care facilities and even gymnasiums.

DARPA's plan for a US-friendly 5G network

Defense Advanced Research and Projects Agency aims to develop a secure, open-source, standards-compliant network stack for 5G networking.