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Sean Gallagher

Sean Gallagher is senior contributing editor for Defense Systems.

What's ahead for DOD's cyber forces

The Defense Department is putting in place the infrastructure and tools needed to achieve its cyber protection goals and objectives.


Cyber Command puts its philosophy into action

The Defense Department in 2010 established a unified Cyber Command and set to work on a new philosophy on how to defend networks.

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Tablet PCs get ready for the front lines

A series of new rugged tablet PCs that meet DOD military standards has more in common with consumer smart phones and the Apple iPad than with the military's typical rugged laptop computers.

Rugged tools put video in warfighters' hands

The demand for real-time intelligence information has fueled a partnership between Panasonic and Reality Mobile to deliver a rugged mobile device that warfighters can carry into battle.

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DISA restructuring to provide more agile services

DISA’s leadership is working to transform of the agency into an agile, flexible service provider that can rapidly respond to the mission needs of all its customers.

Army combat support system takes next big step

The Global Combat Support System-Army tests an integrated enterprise resource planning logistics system aimed at pulling 10 independent financial and logistics systems together.

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Military makes steady progress on cloud conversion

Although the Defense Department as a whole hasn’t rushed headlong into the adoption of cloud technology and virtualization, there are some notable exceptions where the individual military services are gaining ground.

Air Force lays foundation for strong cyber defense

Maj. Gen. Richard Webber, commander of the 24th Air Force, highlights the work that's been done to build a true cyber capability in the Air Force.

DISA revisits strategy for host-based security

The Defense Information Systems Agency is doing market research to look at ways to extend the capabilities of its Host Based Security System.

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A giant leap forward in intelligence sharing

A new framework developed through a series of small-business innovation research projects is making it possible to share ISR data across the Defense Department.

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DOD intensifies effort to improve logistics systems

Defense Department logisticians are using a number of business process improvement methodologies to address significant problems in data quality.

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Navy goes full-ahead with open architecture

The Navy’s Common Processing System will harness commercial products and powerful middleware to keep mission-critical systems online.

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Secure smart phones outpace policy

The Defense Department and civilian leadership in the field have a mobile option for classified e-mail and voice, but DOD leaders haven't formulated a policy for where and when a secure smart phone can be used.

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Special Ops leads the charge for specialized data delivery

A new generation of technology is putting more agile and capable ISR systems in the hands of special operators and those who support them in the field. That holds promise for empowering regular forces as the technology is perfected and costs come down.

Air Force writes a book on social media protocol

Air Force strategist offers a few do's and don'ts on putting together an effective social media guidebook.

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Collaborative tech morphs data into intelligence

Defense and intelligence analysts are looking for new ways to use technology to help share information more easily and meaningfully.

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Commercial satellite acquisition holds great promise

Bruce Bennett, director of satellite communications, teleport and services at the Defense Information Systems Agency, discusses the strategy behind the high-profile Future Comsatcom Services Acquisition.

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Encryption may end flash drives' exile for good

In late 2008, the Strategic Command's Joint Task Force-Global Network Operations put in place an immediate ban on the use of flash drives -- USB storage devices that have become the modern version of the floppy disk.

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DOD looks to the clouds for enterprise computing options

Army’s enterprise messaging and collaboration plan adds weight to military efforts to expand cloud computing efforts.

Army confronts battle to globalize its network resources

The Army released its long-awaited RFP for enterprise messaging, but its larger push for global network enterprise services promises to be a challenge.