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Sandra Erwin

Sandra Erwin Senior Contributor for Defense Systems

Sandra Erwin is a Senior Contributor to Defense Systems
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Army Battlefield Network Under Review: What’s Next for WIN-T?

Army Chief of Staff Mark Milley cited several issues with the Army’s emerging WIN-T communications technology.

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Pentagon revamps cyber weapons acquisition strategy

The Pentagon has found that its traditional methods of designing and buying cyber weapons are ill suited for this fast-changing battlefield.

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Air Force Budget Boosts Space Tech

The Air Force seeks a 20 percent increase for space systems with request of $7.7 billion.


U.S. Cyber Command: Russia hacking “the new normal”

The head of U.S. Cyber Command argues stronger data protection needed in new threat environment.

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Army says smartphone, digital tech increase vulnerability

Army senior leaders are expressing concern that the services’ growing digital footprint and use of information technology increases vulnerability to potential attackers.

Marines take 3D printed drones from the lab to the field

Marines will soon deploy the first-ever 3D printed drone to be used in combat.

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IT experts, former leaders say DOD behind with advanced tech

A panel of IT experts and former high-level military officials said acquisition red tape slows DOD’s ability to acquire cutting edge technology.