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Morgan Cole

Morgan Cole is a freelance writer for Defense Systems
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Navy modernizes SIPRNet and NIPRNet for barges

Eight companies will deliver barge modernization services including network upgrades.

Navy preps Triton drone system for 2018 deployment

The Navy is testing the new unmanned air system, to be deployed in Guam next year.

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Navy adds millimeter wave radar to AGM-88B anti-radiation missile

A Navy upgrade to an air-to-ground missile designed to target mobile enemy air defenses gives the weapon new millimeter wave radar.

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Air Force Research Lab tests high power electromagnetic EW & cyber weapons

High-power electromagnetic systems could pave the way for non-lethal, non-kinetic weapons in future military operations.

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Navy to enhance electronic warfare receivers on board the EA-18G aircraft

Updates to the AN/ALQ-218(V) 2 receiver will allow the Navy’s airborne electronic attack capabilities to detect enemy signals faster.

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Air Force, Navy team up to acquire new counter radio-controlled explosive technology

A new Joint Counter-Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device Electronic Warfare technology will perform a range of different jamming functions on a single device.

Air Force intensifies testing of high powered electromagnetic weapons

Integrating high power electromagnetic technologies with electronic warfare will increase effectiveness of spectrum warfare.

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Navy upgrades P-8s with Wideband Satellite Communications Radomes

U.S. Navy P-8A aircraft will be equipped with new satellite communications systems.

Army turns to Plan X to defend against cyber threats

Plan X software and hardware uses traditional warfare tactics to protect the Army from cyber attacks.