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Michael Peck

Michael Peck is a freelance contributor to Defense Systems.
Connected Warrior

DARPA seeks 'smart plants' to protect soldiers

DARPA is experimenting with genetically modifying plants to detect chemical weapons, radiation and other airborne threats.

IT Infrastructure

Northrop Grumman Unveils New Sub Sonar

Northrop has introduced a next-generation flank array sonar designed to be more reliable than existing systems.

Unmanned Systems

DARPA fast tracks drone swarm tech to fight with combat units

OFFSET drone swarm will create structure for groups of 250 or more air and ground robots.

IT Infrastructure

Navy searches for next-gen X-band radar for surface warships.

The Navy is entering tech development for a new lightweight, phased array radar.

Connected Warrior

Army virtual reality sensor aims to bring 360-degree view to human eyes

An Army research solicitation seeks sensor technology able to bring human eyes a 360-degree view of the battlefield.

Army seeks swarms of mini-drones for medevac

Research solicitation envisions swarms of semi-autonomous minidrones to conduct medevac missions.

IT Infrastructure

DARPA solicitation seeks new methods to stop hacking, data breaches

DARPA is concerned that hackers might steal sensitive data from web browsers and other apps.


Navy seeks new software tool able to predict insider threat risks

The new software would examine user behavior and develop a potential risk indicator.

Air Force seeks common VLF communications for nuclear forces

An Air Force solicitation looks to create common waveforms for its fleet of bombers.

AI & Analytics

GAO Finds Pentagon Still Struggling with Biometrics

A GAO report concludes that U.S. military operators lack confidence in biometrics technologies.


DARPA looks for tech to wipe out botnets, cyberattacks

Research agency wants to develop autonomous software agents that can locate and destroy botnets.


Army wants smarter computer AI for electronic warfare

The Army seeks AI solutions for rapid identification of emerging electronic warfare threats.

IT Infrastructure

SOCOM wants commandos to become walking SIGINT sensors

U.S. Special Operations Command is looking for a signals intelligence sensor to equip an individual commando with SIGINT-like ISR technology.

Army seeks shape-changing biomimetic aircraft

A research solicitation wants plans for aircraft able to reshape itself in mid-air, depending upon mission requirements.

New Army Drone is a Mini- V-22 Osprey

The Army Research Laboratory is working on a new V-22 like mini drone that is only 10-inches long.