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Matt Leonard

Matt Leonard is a former reporter for GCN.
AI & Analytics

Report: AI strategy essential for future defense

A national strategy for artificial intelligence will boost the nation's competitiveness, support defense capabilities and spur AI adoption, according to a recent report from the Center for Data Innovation.


Is it time for a Cybersecurity Civilian Corps?

With the growing need for cybersecurity experts, the government is missing a chance to take advantage of volunteers and part-time talent, a new report says.

AI & Analytics

DARPA wants AI with common sense

The Machine Common Sense program aims to help intelligent systems understand their world, communicate with people and learn from new experiences.

AI & Analytics

DARPA kicks off $2B AI initiative

The “AI Next” campaign aims to transform computers from specialized tools to partners with contextual reasoning capabilities.

Unmanned Systems

Army looks into laser-powered drones

Researchers are developing a way to generate electricity for drones by beaming a laser onto a photovoltaic cell.

AI & Analytics

What the rest of government can learn from DISA's RPA pilot

The Defense Information Systems Agency found that greater numbers of specialized bots could give it more flexibility in addition to saving time and increasing accuracy.

AI & Analytics

Army leverages machine learning to predict component failure

The Army will be using cloud-based machine learning software predict when Bradley Fighting Vehicles need maintenance.

Unmanned Systems

Los Alamos deploys drone defenses

The counter-UAS technology is designed to protect a no-drone zone around the lab, which conducts nuclear weapons research.

Connected Warrior

Army seeks 'synthetic training environment'

Plan would combine current live, virtual, constructive and gaming training environments into one common environment.

IT Infrastructure

DARPA looks for better satellite security

As defense agencies increasingly deploy constellations of low-earth orbit satellites, they want input into how to bake in security.

Unmanned Systems

Army mulls options for Robotics Innovation Center

The Fort Benning-based center would work with academia and industry on integrating robotics and autonomous systems into combat teams.


How gamification can boost cyber training

CyberWar: 2025 increases players' knowledge and experience of the planning, preparation, execution and assessment of joint cyberspace operations.

Connected Warrior

DARPA looks to control drone swarms with VR

DARPA's Offensive Swarm-Enabled Tactics program uses game-based architecture to manage unmanned swarms of aerial and ground devices.

DARPA seeks resilient constellation of satellites

Leveraging increased autonomy and machine learning, the research agency aims to maximize the performance of networked satellites.

Connected Warrior

DOD tests drone 'hive' for rapid resupply

The Hive Final Mile project uses a mobile application for placing orders to drones that are launched from their "hive" to deliver supplies to troops in the field.

Connected Warrior

The next generation of bomb disposal robots

The Office of Naval Research wants an explosive ordnance disposal "technician" with more dexterity and increased awareness.

Connected Warrior

An early-warning system for WMDs

DARPA wants a real-time detection system to sniff out chemical, biological, nuclear or other potential threats.

Connected Warrior

A high-tech solution for spotting IEDs

Researchers are building an augmented reality system that combines traditional cameras, thermal infrared sensing and ground penetrating radar to find improvised explosive devices from up to 30 meters away.

Connected Warrior

Strengthening the soldier with exoskeletons

The Army wants an exoskeleton to improve strength, endurance and ergonomics of warfighters.


Faster crypto is the goal of ONR research effort

Galois is creating a suite of tools that will improve the development and testing of new cryptographic algorithms.