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Kevin Coleman

Senior Fellow

Kevin Coleman is a senior fellow with the Technolytics Institute, former chief strategist at Netscape, and an adviser on cyber warfare and security. He is also the author of "Cyber Commander's Handbook." He can be reached by e-mail at:
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Modern tradecraft moves in parallel with cyber operations

A free wireless network at Starbucks might be the medium for passing along intelligence.


Needed: A succession plan for the next generation of cyber defenders

What's required is a mentoring program that retains lessons learned while developing new cyber defense expertise.


The New CIA: Cyber Intelligence Agency

The growing need for cyber intelligence will only increase as new technologies are deployed.

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Securing our satellites before they are launched

Cybersecurity must be baked into military satellites during the design phase.


False sense of cybersecurity

Testing your own defenses is important -- and too many organizations are doing it incorrectly.

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The need for skilled cyber project managers

The need for classified program and project managers is growing, but there is a startling lack of professional development for those positions, writes Kevin Coleman.


The digital–physical intersection

Can the U.S. defend a physical world that is becoming increasingly digital?

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Re-thinking cyber training for officers

A proposed curriculum for training next-gen leaders of our cyber forces.

Are NSA's capabilities outclassed by GCHQ?

Edward Snowden's leaked documents also cast an eye on data collection by British intelligence. What will surface next?

The international backlash of PRISM

Is it only a matter of time before PRISM is used as an excuse for cyber aggression?

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Between a rock and a hard place

Trust is earned, not freely given. Gaining, or as some would say regaining, that trust must be a priority for the administration and the intelligence community. And, as we’ve seen over the last week, that job just got a lot tougher.

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The hidden impact of a cyber breach

The implications of a breach go far beyond what we commonly see in the headlines. The true cost must be taken into consideration when assessing the proper level of security for these systems.

How to properly assess cyber security

While a perfect cyber security assessment does not exist, using the internationally recognized ISO set of standards provides a solid foundation upon which organization’s can build.


The imperative of cyber force leadership

Here is an idea, why don’t we launch a re-skilling program for all the veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and give them the cyber skills necessary for these roles.

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Operating Solo in Cyber

It is dangerous to operate without universal acceptance of the application of international law to the cyber domain by the majority if not all of the 231 countries/territories connected to the Internet.

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Power projection in cyber space

How many technical glitches in the digital world are actually the result of cyber attacks we didn't know about?


Putting the cyber threat domain into context

Things are rapidly changing in the cyber threat domain.

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What might special operations in cyber look like?

The concept of special cyber ops is rapidly evolving, as are most of the concepts, strategies and weapons used in the cyber domain.


Differing Opinions on Cyber Threat

It is important to understand why there are differing opinions as to the current cyber threat level


Cybersecurity requires robust intelligence

It is no secret that to defend our critical infrastructure from the threats emanating from cyberspace requires cyber intelligence.