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Katherine Owens

Freelance Writer for Defense Systems

Katherine Owens is a freelance reporter for Defense Systems
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Beam-switching tech successfully tested on Predator drone

Hopping between narrower satellite beams could increase data transfer and resiliency for the military's unmanned aerial systems.

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DISA, DOD say cloud migration needs security, commercial partnerships

Panelists at the 2017 Defense Systems Summit agreed that cloud operators need to start protecting the data itself, not just the domain perimeters, and partnering with commercial providers

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Air Force pushes faster, more agile IT acquisition

Air Force leaders say agile acquisition must implement open mission system architecture, rapid development testing, and have a constant money source to overcome rapidly changing threats and operational demands.

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Army produces new lightweight tactical vest

The next generation tactical vest is lightweight and scalable, and may be deployed as early as next year.

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Ultra-compact technology makes bio-implanted antenna possible

The Air Force Research Laboratory has made a breakthrough in magnetoelectric technology, shrinking antenna by over 90% and making bio-antenna a future possibility.


Marine Corps Leaders announce new forward deployable cyber force

The Marine Corps is creating internal defense measures teams of data and cyber warriors to protect expeditionary Marine networks.

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Latest Navy Locker app guides sailors through new uniform regs

The recent NWU Type III rules have been input into the OPNAV Uniform App, which gives sailors guidance on their uniform and a way to have their feedback heard.

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A new polyurethane-based material could mean self-hardening, almost impenetrable helmets

The Army Research Laboratory has developed a polyurethane elastomer that withstands high-speed micro bullets, and could be used for helmets, face shields, and vests.

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The Army drone software processes undersea terrain, creates cloud-based 3D maps

The 2017 AUSA Meeting and Expo showed drone technology that can map 3D underwater terrain and turn video in 3D models.

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New radar technology lets aircraft sensors penetrate clouds, dust

DARPA has tested synthetic aperture radar technology, letting aircraft sensors operate under almost any weather conditions.

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Wired clothing could save troops from frostbite and bulky gear

The Natick Army Research Center in Massachusetts is working on a nanowire heating technology to keep soldiers warm with less bulk.

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The next generation of drones may be able to see in the dark without GPS

By imitating the human retina, a DARPA-funded Swiss research team has developed drones that can operate in low-light environments.

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Ground troops join pilots in tracking targets with augmented reality helmet displays

Thales is adapting their augmented reality target tracking technology to be mounted on the helmets of ground operators, as well as aircrew.

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The Navy is using laser gyroscope tech to navigate in GPS-denied environments

Northrop Grumman is upgrading Navy inertial navigation systems, using ring laser gyroscopes instead of GPS for navigation. .

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New li-ion battery will make soldiers’ electronics more efficient and less explosive

The Army Research Laboratory has developed a hydrophobic gel coating that will make li-ion batteries safer for soldiers on the battlefield.

New Air Force AI will address data influx problem

The Air Force is planning to design next-generation drones based on the data being sought and implement artificial intelligence solutions to process that data.

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The technology is here for tiny, swarming, gust-tolerant, perching drones

The Army Research Laboratory’s micro-drone research program ended last month, but is leaving a legacy of brand new micro-drone technology

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New interferometry technology sought for keeping an eye on satellites

IARPA is accepting proposals for advanced technology able to image high-altitude satellites.

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Soldiers field test EW rugged prototypes

The Army’s new prototype turns dismounted soldiers into electronic warriors, with just a pack and rugged tablet.

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AI will now have input in Air Force decision-making

AI programs will create predictive models for the Air Force as the first stage of Project Quantum’s push to bring smart software to military leaders.