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George Leopold

George Leopold is a contributing editor for Defense Systems and author of Calculated Risk: The Supersonic Life and Times of Gus Grissom."Connect with him on Twitter at @gleopold1.
AI & Analytics

Needed: U.S. machine intelligence strategy

A CSIS report calls machine intelligence a strategic technology requiring a national strategy that would advance and guide future development.


Navy looks to harden legacy software

An Office of Naval Research initiative seeks to secure commercial software widely used across DOD

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DARPA hypersonic effort accelerates

The research agency awards contracts to demonstrate a hybrid hypersonic engine.

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Space awareness, persistence emerge as priorities

Experts urge space council to shift from expensive strategic platforms to agile tactical sensor networks.

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Air Force launches GPS terminal upgrade

New ground stations will leverage jam-resistance signal dubbed M-Code.

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DARPA funds new electronics revolution

The research agency fleshes out its ERI effort with research funding for chip materials, design and next-generation architectures.

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DARPA looks beyond Moore's Law

Chip effort targets reconfigurable devices as scaling runs out of steam.

Joint STARS gets communications upgrade

Northrop Grumman will upgrade the Joint STARS surveillance plane's tactical radios.

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Geospatial agency app store connects app developers & users

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency wants to speed development & delivery of mobile apps.

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DARPA targets big data with graph processor effort

Chipmaker Intel Corp. and four others will develop a graph analytics processor to help find relationships in big data.

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Boeing to demo DARPA space plane

The XS-1 hypersonic vehicle would demonstrate cheaper, quick-turnaround satellite launches to low-Earth orbit.


Doubts raised about N. Korean role in hack

Analyst asserts speculation about a state-sponsored ransomware attack distracts from real problem: weak cyber defenses.

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In-Q-Tel invests in secure cloud app delivery

Startup's virtual desktop platform could help ease DOD shift to the cloud.

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Fake Russian EW attack unmasked

A forensic investigation concludes that a Russian "electronic bomb" attack on a U.S. Navy ship was nothing more than information warfare.

Connected Warrior

Joint DOD office enlists in avionics effort

The Joint Tactical Networking Center will collaborate with an industry consortium forging avionics software standards.

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Asia will surpass the U.S. in C4ISR spending by 2025

The global C4ISR market led by electronic warfare spending is forecast to grow by 4 percent annually as regional powers look to protect expanding forces.

Navy readies swarming micro-drones

CICADA, essentially a flying circuit board, is being readied for further testing.