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CISA issues enterprise mobile security checklist

The Enterprise Mobility Management system checklist outlines steps for device management, authentication, app and network security as well as defending enterprise systems from mobile devices.


Creating a cyber talent pipeline for DOD contractors

Old Dominion University’s School of Cybersecurity is training cyber experts to be fluent in the Defense Department’s cybersecurity requirements so they can help defense contractors stay secure.

IT Infrastructure

DOD smooths funding path for entrepreneurs

The Defense SBIR/STTR Innovation Portal makes it easier for entrepreneurs to present great ideas to the Defense Department.

IT Infrastructure

DIU tests portable private 5G network for responders

Responders arriving first at a remote incident can launch a private cellular network using a vehicle-mounted, backpack, hand-carried or wearable node.


CISA releases final TIC 3.0 remote user use case

The guidance gives federal agencies instructions on applying network and multi-boundary security for remote users.

Connected Warrior

Tracking physical responses, target accuracy to enhance combat marksmanship

The Office of Naval Research is testing whether technology can help it spot dips in warfighters’ performance or lethality.


VA readies cloud-based data platform

VA Data Commons features computing infrastructure, co-located data and commonly used software services, tools, and apps for managing, analyzing and sharing data.


NSA, CISA issue Kubernetes security guidance

A new report, “Kubernetes Hardening Guidance,” details threats to the container orchestration environment and provides configuration guidance to minimize risk.

AI & Analytics

Marines’ 3D printing faces a ‘data problem’

The Marine Corps want to reorganize its repository of 3D printing designs and technical information into a data vault that makes it easier for the 300+ users to find the designs they need.

IT Infrastructure

DIU green lights 3 secure cloud solutions

The Defense Innovation Unit has selected three Secure Cloud Management prototypes that will help give users fast, secure and controlled access to software-as-a-service apps directly over the internet.


States rely on National Guard cyber units

Governors in 27 states have called on the National Guard to help state and local agencies secure elections and combat ransomware.

IT Infrastructure

Biden's first budget ups cyber and tech spending

The Biden administration released its $6 trillion fiscal year 2022 budget proposal on Friday, including $1.5 trillion in discretionary spending across federal agencies.

IT Infrastructure

Army's augmented reality goggles get $22B contract

The Army will be fielding more than 120,000 custom, ruggedized versions of Microsoft’s HoloLens headsets that use augmented reality to project situational awareness information directly onto a soldier’s visor.


Army eyes CAC-less physical security

The Pandemic Entry and Automated Control Environment aims to use the biometric and password metadata on CAC cards and related databases to secure access to sensitive areas.

IT Infrastructure

DARPA making it easier to develop custom, secure chips

Defense Advanced Projects and Research Agency aims to dramatically shorten the process and reduce costs for producing more secure advanced chips.

AI & Analytics

DARPA developing AI into a mission-critical partner

As artificial intelligence advances, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency wants to treat computers more as partners in helping solve complex military problems.

IT Infrastructure

Space Force seeks central portal for application development

The Space Force wants a user-friendly portal, including back-end infrastructure, data storage, content management, development and testing infrastructure, user testing and validation.


DARPA picks teams to bring homomorphic encryption to life

Four research teams will work to develop a hardware accelerator and software stack for fully homomorphic encryption that can bring the speed of FHE calculations in line with similar unencrypted data operations.

IT Infrastructure

DLA orders modular 3D printing pod

The rugged 3D printing pod would be up to 40 feet long and housed in a standard shipping container so it could be deployed directly to the field to manufacture parts in support of battlefield operations, disaster relief or other remote missions.

IT Infrastructure

DOD’s 5G-powered smart warehouse network kicks off

A private 5G wireless network is being installed as part of a multi-year initiative to create a smart warehouse reference design.