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Dan Campbell

Dan Campbell is a freelance writer with Government Computer News and the president of Millennia Systems Inc.
IT Infrastructure

IP routing takes one giant leap into space

The potential of Internet Routing in Space to reduce the latency -- and limits on transmission volumes -- inherent in current satellite communications potentially offers a host of new military and commercial opportunities.

IT Infrastructure

Navy puts satellite broadband platform to the test

A series of tests has validated certain pivotal technologies designed to deliver and enhance broadband satellite communications.

IT Infrastructure

DOD updates IPv6 Standard Profile

The updated IPv6 Standard Profile provides a technical and standards based definition of interoperability requirements for IPv6-capable products to be used in DOD networks.

IT Infrastructure

Marines use WAN optimization to relocate Iraq HQ

While relocating its headquarters in Iraq, the Multi-National Force—West used Expand Networks' WAN optimization technology to improve data transfer performance via the satellite network that connects the bases.

InfoWeapons SolidDNS receives DISA certification

The Defense Information Systems Agency Joint Interoperability Test Command has concluded that InfoWeapons SolidDNS meets the requirements to qualify as a certified IPv6-ready device, providing organizations with the ability to run an IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack Domain Name Service from a single appliance.


Malware attack leaves Pentagon scrambling for answers

After acknowleding that the malware known as Agent.btz affected some Defense Department systems, Pentagon officials were left scrambling to clean infected systems, institute new policy and security measures to thwart future incidents, and perform forensics to discover the source of the attack.

IT Infrastructure

Steelhead apps bolster satellite communications

Riverbed's Steelhead appliances now support the U.S. military’s open standard Space Communication Protocol Standard to enhance communications over satellite networks.