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Amber Corrin

Amber Corrin is a former staff writer for FCW and Defense Systems.

Americans want defense cuts, but differ on what to scale back

A vast majority of Americans from both sides of the political aisle think significant reductions in defense spending are in order, according to a data from a new survey released July 16.

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New DARPA director knows the halls of power

Arati Prabhakar arrives most recently from Silicon Valley, but is no stranger to Washington.

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5 benefits of DOD's new digital mail service

The Defense Department turns paper and ink into binary code for efficiency.

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Army lab debugs C4ISR technologies before field testing

The Army has launched an effort to make it easier to test and integrate technologies before personnel in the field must depend on them.

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Now’s the time for the DOD to take risks with mobile

DOD's intrinsic risk aversion challenges its ability to stay current with mobile capabilities, and some of its leaders believe it's time to rethink that caution.

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Security clearance process now more streamlined, says official

A top DOD official is reporting key progress in making personnel security clearances faster and more efficient.

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DOD mobile strategy to serve as foundation for future

DOD's new mobile strategy seeks to keep DOD workforce relevant through a comprehensive approach to the technologies.


Sequestration would paralyze military, put US at greater war risk

Panetta, Dempsey tell Senate Appropriations Committee of disastrous consequences of scalping military spending.

Auditors recommend critical review of military draft

The Selective Service System, which would administer a military draft if needed, hasn't been reevaluated in nearly 20 years, according to a GAO report.

Budget blues force Air Force to cancel IT event

The Air Force's annual IT conference has been shelved for 2012 as event spending comes under tough government scrutiny.

What exactly is Congress doing to undo defense sequestration?

Congress is attempting to avert mandatory budget cuts that some fear could seriously hamper the Defense Department's mission. But can members come together before it's too late?

Virtual soldier brings military training into the real world

A University of Iowa program is using virtual reality to help arm and prepare the troops of tomorrow.

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DOD business systems get failing grade for modernization

The Defense department is struggling with three issues in particular when it comes to implementing GAO recommendations for updating its business systems.

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As war winds down, a shakeup lays ahead for the UAV fleet

As the U.S. winds down in Afghanistan, some unmanned aircraft will face sunset while others will endure in the future force, according to a top DOD official.

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It’s time to make the tough choices on procurement, says deputy secretary

As defense officials try to figure out where to trim costs, the White House offers some advice: Avoid a last-in, first-out approach.

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Pentagon could take $500M hit for FCS cancelation

A dozen years after Future Combat Systems was born and three years after it was terminated, the program still bears a hefty price tag.


Senate defense bill heavily funds ISR, hardens cyber

The Senate's defense bill is $3 billion more than the president's request and doesn't account for the budget cuts of sequestration.

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Long-awaited NGEN RFP released, with goal of taking back control the network

The Navy's long-awaited NGEN solicitation has been released, marking an official step forward for the service.

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Is 2012 the year for DOD financial management reform?

The Defense Department has long been troubled by poor financial management, but some signs optimistically point to the agency being on the verge of turning itself around.


2013 defense act has long road ahead of it

House defense bill asks for $3 billion more than the Obama administration's plan.