Unmanned Systems

DARPA takes autopilot to a new level

The Aircrew Labor In-Cockpit Automation System features a customizable, drop-in kit that would allow advanced automation to be easily added to existing aircraft.

AI-enabled drones expand search and rescue options

Researchers at Virginia Tech are working to inject machine learning into search and rescue protocols and optimize autonomous, multi-drone teams to make searches more effective.

Army looks to put ground-penetrating radar on drones

Mounted on unmanned aerial and land vehicles, the lightweight radar-on-a-chip technology could expand the military's ability to map the shapes, sizes and features of objects in the environment.

Army ground robot program sparks new industry partnerships

Endeavor Robotics has joined forces with Howe and Howe Technologies to pursue the Army’s Robotic Combat Vehicle program.

Interest is growing in unmanned maritime systems

Lockheed Martin's investment in Ocean Aero is just the latest sign that the market for unmanned maritime vehicles is heating up.

Why it’s so hard to reach an international agreement on killer robots

There is fundamental disagreement over whether increasing the autonomy of weapons is always bad.

Army looks into laser-powered drones

Researchers are developing a way to generate electricity for drones by beaming a laser onto a photovoltaic cell.

Navy pushes forward on unmanned underwater vehicles program

The Navy chooses 23 companies for a $794.5 million contract to support the research-and-development of a "family of systems."

Los Alamos deploys drone defenses

The counter-UAS technology is designed to protect a no-drone zone around the lab, which conducts nuclear weapons research.

Coast Guard awards $117M drone contract

Boeing’s Insitu subsidiary wins a five-year, $117 million contract to help deploy small unmanned aircraft across the Coast Guard's fleet of National Security Cutter ships.

Army aims for robot vehicles on the battlefield by 2028

It's not Skynet yet, but Army Secretary Mark Esper says robotics will change the fundamentals of warfare and that getting there first provides a distinct advantage.

Army awards $93M unmanned target contract

Four firms get spots on a contract to help the Army research and develop unmanned aerial target systems.

Trump revises rules for export of military drones

The Trump administration is looking to make it easier for allies to buy military-grade drones from U.S. firms.

Navy awards contract for unmanned sea mine hunter

Raytheon takes a potential $362.7 million contract to develop an autonomous unmanned underwater vehicle for the Navy to use in the detection and mitigation of sea mines.

Army mulls options for Robotics Innovation Center

The Fort Benning-based center would work with academia and industry on integrating robotics and autonomous systems into combat teams.

Navy awards contract for unmanned tech prototype

Alion Science and Technology receives a $73 million contract to help the Navy develop prototype technologies for use on unmanned platforms.

Air Force awards $961M drone support contract

AECOM’s URS Federal arm wins a $961 million contract to help the Air Force operate and maintain unmanned aircraft.