White House

White House warns of potential Russian cyberattack based on new intel

Officials, distressed by the continued lack of cybersecurity basics implemented in the private sector, issued “a call to action.”

Biden: ‘Prepared to respond’ if Russia pursues cyberattacks against US

The White House also announced sanctions that will limit Russia’s access to cutting edge technologies.

DHS official will chair Biden-ordered cyber safety board

Cybersecurity professionals say the board needs subpoena authority in order to be effective.

White House starts the clock on zero trust adoption

Agencies will have to meet specific zero trust security requirements by the end of fiscal year 2024 under a new policy memo, including updates to identity policies that will affect how federal employees access systems and applications.

White House promotes whole-of-nation cyber deterrence strategy

In a much anticipated release, the White House finally provided congressional committees with its plan for protecting IT systems and infrastructure.

State vs. non-state hackers: Different tactics, equal threat?

Recent cyber incidents from state and non-state actors demonstrate the real threat each pose and shed light on the difference in tactics.

White House wants to encrypt every federal website

Proposal calls for using HTTPS across government to help protect privacy, prevent hacks.

Obama signs executive order to boost critical infrastructure security

President Obama has signed an executive order that seeks to better protect the nation's critical infrastructure from cyber intrusions through increased information sharing and the joint development and implementation of a framework of shared cybersecurity practices between government and industry.

What was the motive behind the secret directive on cybersecurity?

Information recently was leaked to the press and quickly became public about a classified presidential policy directive, PPD-20, that was signed by President Obama just weeks before the presidential election.

Defeat of al-Qaeda remains top national security priority, says Panetta

To end the continuing threat from al-Qaida will require a modified military footprint, close work with allies and continued U.S. presence in volatile regions, says Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

Presidential election triggered push to finish rules on drone strikes

Before the 2012 presidential election, the Obama administration sped up efforts to develop formal rules for the targeted killing of terrorists by drones so that they would be available if needed by a new president.

Presidential directive updates military rules for cyber warfare

President Barack Obama has signed a directive that allows the military to take specific offensive and defensive actions necessary to nullify cyberattacks on the nation's government and private-sector computer networks.

Obama vs. Romney on defense-related issues

See where 2012 presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney stand on foreign policy, terrorism, war and defense spending.

CIA veteran writes counterterrorism 'playbook' for White House

The Obama administration will soon have formal rules of war for how to carry out targeted killings around the globe against al-Qaeda and its affiliates.

Lockheed decides not to send sequestration layoff notices

Lockheed Martin issued a statement Oct. 1 in which the company said that it will not send employees correspondence this year warning them about possible layoffs if sequestration occurs.

Pending guidance on sequestration fosters wait-and-see mindset among contractors

Defense contractors frustrated that Congress still has not found a way to avert automatic budget cuts scheduled to begin Jan. 2 might in the days ahead alert thousands of their employees that their jobs are at risk.

Sequestration creates friction between Congress and OMB

When the House and Senate return from recess in September, lawmakers will only have until Jan. 2, 2013, to pass a spending bill that eliminates $1.2 trillion or more from the federal deficit.