Weapon Systems

DARPA moves ahead with plan to put anti-missile lasers on drones

The agency adds to a contract with Northrop to develop a small system that can be mounted on manned and unmanned aircraft.

Pentagon wants fresh ideas on defending against small drones

DARPA researchers want modular, scalable systems to counter an emerging threat.

Navy orders new simulation systems for pilots

With two new contracts, the service looks to expand training programs, particularly for pilots of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

Air Force says the F-35 is combat ready

The Joint Strike Fighter, the most complex and expensive weapon system in history, gets a green light from its biggest customer.

Air Force looks to upgrade its EW jammers

Raytheon, maker of the MALD-J, receives a $34.8 million contract to improve the jammer’s flight and EW jamming capabilities.

Directed energy weapons making a great leap forward

Lockheed Martin’s directed energy lead Paul Shattuck expounds on why laser beam weapon technology is maturing so quickly.

DARPA wants to give hypersonic aircraft a reusable engine

The AFRE project looks to build a hybrid engine that can provide a smooth transition from supersonic to hypersonic (Mach 5) flight, which would allow the engines to be used again.

Navy cranks up the power on laser weapon

The service is reportedly getting ready to test a 150-kilowatt system, which would be a fivefold increase over the LaWS system currently is use.

Air Force: Cyber is a factor in future air superiority

Two studies point out that cyber activities and a changing threat landscape are having an impact on how the service approaches operations in air and space.

Navy looking to shore up weapons-systems cybersecurity

NAVAIR issues a solicitation addressing the networked nature of weapons and the vulnerabilities can exist.

Army tests networked air defense system

The integrated system combines defensive weapons for use against UAS, cruise missiles and other threats.

DOD adds electronic attack aircraft to the fight against ISIS

The Defense Department has announced that EA-6B Prowler aircraft, specializing in tactical jamming capabilities, have deployed to support the anti-ISIS efforts.

Army upgrading Apache's 40-year-old sensors

The service is adding a number of upgrades to the attack helicopters, including a more seamless transition from day-to-night views.

Despite cuts elsewhere, US drone market is growing

A recent report by Govini finds that the U.S. government’s spending on UAS has grown 6 percent over the last five years.

Mercury acquisition embeds its presence in military systems

Mercury Systems' acquisition of Microsemi's would make it the military’s largest supplier of secure embedded processing equipment.

Navy orders more radar jammers to protect Hornet fighters

An $88.3 million contract modification with Exelis will provide more electronic warfare systems to defend against radar-guided missiles.

Lockheed Martin renews push for hypersonic spy plane

The contractor claims it could deliver a hypersonic demonstrator of the SR-72 for under $1 billion.