Unmanned Vehicles

ONR sets sail for first Unmanned Warrior exercise

Britain is hosting the inaugural event with NATO allies involving unmanned, autonomous surface, underwater and air vehicles.

DARPA wants air traffic control for low-flying drones

The Aerial Dragnet program calls for identifying and tracking UAS flying below 1,000 feet in urban areas where line-of-sight is not available.

Quadcopter resupply drone could give soldiers 'Amazon on the battlefield'

The JTARV, now in prototype, could let soldiers call for supplies and have them delivered in 30 minutes.

Navy awards $108M deal for more Fire Scout unmanned helicopters

Northrop Grumman will deliver 10 MQ-8C systems, which can operate from land or sea, providing a wide range of ISR.

Air Force orders upgrades for Reaper drone

The latest upgrades for the MQ-9 Extended Range Block 1, continues a program to improve features in older UAS.

US expands its foreign drone sales to Canada

The Navy reaches an agreement to send a five-aircraft Blackjack system up north.

New small UAV could be soldiers' future eye in the sky

The National Training Center hosts operational tests of the ISR drone, which the Army said is so new it hasn’t been named yet.

DARPA moves ahead with plan to put anti-missile lasers on drones

The agency adds to a contract with Northrop to develop a small system that can be mounted on manned and unmanned aircraft.

Pentagon wants fresh ideas on defending against small drones

DARPA researchers want modular, scalable systems to counter an emerging threat.

New project wants AI to explain itself

DARPA's XAI project wants machines to be able to make humans understand their reasoning, which would help build trust in autonomous systems.

Research teams plumb the depths of autonomy with RoboSubs

Schools from around the world join a competition to advance UUV technology and encourage a new generation of engineers.

Army puts battlefield robots to the test

At an exercise in Hawaii, troops test a pocket-sized ISR drone and a robotic ground vehicle that can quietly carry up to 600 pounds of supplies.

RoboBoats navigate the next stage in autonomous operations

The teams in ONR’s annual competition tackle real-world maritime challenges without human operators at the controls.

Directed energy weapons making a great leap forward

Lockheed Martin’s directed energy lead Paul Shattuck expounds on why laser beam weapon technology is maturing so quickly.

Air Force explores trust issues among human-robot teams

The service gives SRA a contract to research into understanding “trust calibration” between operators and autonomous systems.

DARPA awards deals to develop vanishing delivery drones

The research agency's ICARUS program is looking for small UAS that can delivery supplies to deployed forces and then disappear.

Navy wants drones to help drones

The Office of Naval Research is looking for other unmanned platforms to provide data transfers and refuel unmanned surface vehicles at sea.