Wireless underwater charging tech will bring a new level of autonomy for UUVs

Naval scientists are using resonant wireless power transfer to create underwater unmanned vehicle chargers for more mission capability and less risk.

New drone can both swim and fly for future Navy ops

A university team demonstrated an aerial-aquatic hybrid drone designed for future countermine operations.

Army seeks shape-changing biomimetic aircraft

A research solicitation wants plans for aircraft able to reshape itself in mid-air, depending upon mission requirements.

New Army Drone is a Mini- V-22 Osprey

The Army Research Laboratory is working on a new V-22 like mini drone that is only 10-inches long.

Small DARPA drones fly without human or GPS help

Lightweight quadcopters may soon have the ability to fly autonomously, even in GPS-denied environments.

New Army technology enables simultaneous multiple drone control

A new level of Army manned-unmanned teaming improves the ability of helicopter crews to track and identify enemy targets from the cockpit.

Future helicopters will be lighter, tablet operated and unmanned

Tablet control autonomy will allow for optionally-piloted Black Hawks and reduce the risk of accidents.

Latest Lockheed hand-held ruggedized drone is designed for stealthy reconnaissance

New drone can securely transmit surveillance data over longer ranges using a low frequency software module.

New Lockheed drone software processes 3D terrain maps in real-time

Lockheed Martin’s Hydra Fusion Tools technology uses photogrammetry software to create tactical maps from drone video feeds.

Soldiers will soon have rugged small personal drones

A new drone is the size of a smartphone and increases situational awareness with infrared sensors and image processing.

Air Force Global Hawk gets remote communication and data sharing

The airborne communications gateway that allows communication over long distances and across different devices is being integrated with the EQ-4B unmanned Global Hawk aircraft.

Marines take 3D printed drones from the lab to the field

Marines will soon deploy the first-ever 3D printed drone to be used in combat.

Navy anti-submarine drone-ship conducts minehunting testing

The Navy’s latest anti-submarine unmanned surface vehicle is scheduled for operational testing with additional counter-mine and surveillance payloads.

Navy tests first aircraft carrier drone control system

New carrier mission control software system for drones will provide refueling and reconnaissance capabilities.

Navy readies swarming micro-drones

CICADA, essentially a flying circuit board, is being readied for further testing.

Air Force tests new Predator radar warning receiver against air defenses

A new radar warning receiver on a Predator drone identified advanced air and ground radar threats during a recent demonstration.