Training and Simulation

Virtual reality is Navy's vision of future training

The Office of Naval Research recently demonstrated yet another VR simulation tool that puts sailors in realistic combat scenarios.

Air Force puts new tech into Forward Operating Base of the Future

The project taps alternative sources and efficient power use to reduce reliance on diesel fuel.

Endgame cyber solution proves useful for Air Force at Red Flag

The commercial tool has been effective in hunting and securing networks during the Air Force’s two most recent large-scale exercises.

Army immerses soldiers in a virtual reality dome

Natick researchers’ new VR dome will help study the impacts of real-world operational situations on soldiers’ cognitive abilities and performance.

ONR taking virtual training to the next level

The BEMR Lab in San Diego is developing new "mixed reality" capabilities to improve training on a variety of platforms.

Army staging largest ever joint-forces network exercise

NIE 16.1 incorporates coalition and other U.S. forces, setting the stage for the multinational Army Warfighting Assessments.

Air Force scientists take the field as Tech Warriors

The training exercise lets those who develop new battlefield technologies experience life as a warfighter.

Marines conduct first live-fire augmented reality training

The exercise takes the Augmented Immersive Team Trainer system developed by the Office of Naval Research to the next level.

Creative simulations help test new weather radar

The Air Force is testing updates for C-5 Galaxy color weather radars using the salvaged cockpit of a downed C-5 as a simulator.

Air Force puts 25 companies on $20.9B training contract

The companies will compete for work under the 10-year deal, which consolidates Air Force simulation and training programs under one roof.

Army's exoskeleton improves marksmanship

ARL's MAXFAS reduces involuntary tremors and improve the shooting proficiency of soldiers.

Military enlists private sector to build cyber mission force

The U.S. Cyber Command and the Army are courting assistance in training and capabilities.

Army giving cyber warriors a training range of their own

CECOM will open the Cyber Battle Ground to all units later this year to speed up cyber operations training.

Marines using virtual reality to lighten real-world load

The Office of Naval Research ETOWL, a 3D computer simulation program, lets users load up an avatar to study the stress points on warfighters.

Army researchers use simulations to make better bullets

ARDEC and the Army Research Lab use modeling to cut the time and expense of improving ballistics.

Cutting-edge glasses give Marines a clear view of augmented reality

The glasses, developed by ONR, were used for the first time with the Augmented Immersive Team Trainer.

Army opens its training network to non-CAC access

Soldiers can now log in with only a username and password, which opens up access to smartphones and tablets.