Army Materiel Command looks to advanced manufacturing to improve readiness

Army Materiel Command is planning to implement advanced manufacturing techniques from the depots to the battlespace to help produce parts where needed.

Army sets up central medical care site for wounded warriors

A new website is geared toward helping soldiers and veterans who need complex medical care to navigate all the available information on benefits and other resources.

Army launches 'don't ask, don't tell' inbox

The intent of the inbox is to help the Army assess and consider whether repeal of the law would reduce operational readiness or unit cohesion.

Defense Department creates online hub for social media

The Pentagon has set up an online social media hub to better coordinate policies and to provide online links to service sites on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the like. could be replicated for civilian agencies

GSA official outlines plans to engage people and implement effective IT solutions across the government.

NOAA interactive map tracks Gulf oil spill

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s new Web features a mapping tool that integrates oil spill data from federal and state agencies.

New DOD cyber commander seeks better situational awareness

Army Gen. Keith Alexander says the Defense Department needs a common, real-time, understanding of what's happening across its many computer networks.

Joint Chiefs chairman opts for richer social media to get the word out

Defense Department official shifts away from static forms of communication and toward more interactive types, according to a news report.

Pick to lead cyber command lays out battle plans

Army Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander says that militarizing cyberspace is not part of his agenda, and reveals what is at the top of the list.

Navy plans social network for off-duty hours

The Navy plans to develop an internal social network that will track what service members want to do during their off-duty hours.

Navy plans internal blog on IT

A new Navy blog that discusses information technology will be available only to members of the Navy and Marine Corps.

DOD social-media policy still in limbo

Official promises the policy is very close to completion.

Readers offer stuffing for IT turkey

Readers suggest a few projects that could have made our Thanksgiving list of failed, or deeply troubled, government IT projects and debate the causes of such large-scale failures.

IT turkeys: 7 government projects worthy of a roast

Over the years, the American public has been gifted with its share of computer-based turkeys -- information technology projects gone wrong, often at spectacular expense.

Military uses social media to share info on Fort Hood shootings

Facebook and Twitter quickly became a way to communicate during and after the attack.

DARPA to hold Internet competition

DARPA’s new contest challenges people to use the Internet to find 10 red weather balloons displayed across the United States for a day.

DOD simulation center aims for outreach

The Defense Department's Modeling and Simulation Information Analysis Center is now seen a one-stop shop for the modeling and simulation community in DOD, director says.