State and Local

Texas Military Department opens 3D-printed barracks

The 3,800 square-foot structure, which is the largest 3D-printed structure in North America, cost one third as much as traditional facilities to build and is expected to last for decades.

States rely on National Guard cyber units

Governors in 27 states have called on the National Guard to help state and local agencies secure elections and combat ransomware.

NIST issues draft election security framework

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has published a draft framework that takes NIST's pre-existing cybersecurity best practices and applies them to the voting equipment and information systems supporting elections.

National Guard steps up election support

This year National Guard units will be on the keyboards and, in some areas, at the polls.

National Guard on hand for election cybersecurity

While a new bipartisan bill clarifies that governors can call on the National Guard to protect critical election infrastructure, some states have already activated guard units.

Army starts testing smart-city communication tools

The Army Research Laboratory is studying how smart cities’ connected infrastructure could boost military networking capabilities in dense urban environments.

The National Guard's cyber escape room

The Massachusetts Army National Guard is building a cyber and network security themed escape room it can take to schools to get students interested in cybersecurity.

How the Navy is using FirstNet

The high-speed wireless network can make it easier for the Navy to work with the local public-safety community.

AI-enabled drones expand search and rescue options

Researchers at Virginia Tech are working to inject machine learning into search and rescue protocols and optimize autonomous, multi-drone teams to make searches more effective.

Citizen-soldiers’ cyber solution

The Missouri National Guard Cyber Team developed a tool that cuts the time it takes to collect information from compromised servers from two days down to 20 minutes.

Cyber Guard exercise expands to whole-of-nation defense

Over 100 organizations in the government, military, industry, academia and the international community worked on developing unified, interoperable cyber skills.

DOD, FEMA coordinate disaster response

Agencies worked together to manage and coordinate rescue and recovery efforts connected to Hurricane Irene.

Oklahoma wants to establish UAV-friendly air corridor

A strip of airspace in Oklahoma might become a test zone for unmanned aerial vehicles in which commercial developers could routinely fly UAVs at high altitudes.

College teams prepare for cyber defense regionals

Schools from across the country are sending teams to nine regional competitions over the next two months. Winners will compete in April in the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition in San Antonio both for bragging rights and job opportunities.

National competition will help with cyber warrior recruitment

The Cyber Foundations Competition is an effort by the U.S. Cyber Challenge and the SANS Institute to identify talented high school students with interests in cybersecurity and help provide a career path for them.

Cyber incident responders lack a shared playbook

Three existing systems fail to identify the roles, structures or processes needed for cyber incident response, writes Kevin Coleman of Technolytics Institute.

Deadline looms for CyberPatriot competition

CyberPatriot, a national high school competition put on by the Air Force Association, is part of an effort to stimulate interest in science education as well as recruit the future professionals needed to protect cyberspace.