Navy aims to tackle cross-domain data sharing in Project Overmatch

The Navy is hoping to clear network and data hurdles at the tactical edge with its answer to Joint All Domain Command and Control.

Does DOD have the leadership it needs on spectrum?

Joseph Kirschbaum, the director of defense capabilities and management, for the Government Accountability Office, told Congress that having leadership buy-in is the difference between a successful strategy and a failed one.

Pentagon plans for spectrum policy changes, IT modernization

DOD Deputy CIO Frederick Moorefield says "static" policy remains spectrum's "biggest hurdle" -- something he hopes to change in 2021.

Army takes a look at spectrum on the battlefield

Managing electromagnetic spectrum will become increasingly important as the Army pushes for large-scale operations across domains.

DOD floats plan to build its own 5G network

The Defense Department issued a request for information looking for ideas on implementing dynamic spectrum sharing to support 5G development and deployment for military and commercial users.

What to look for in DOD's coming spectrum strategy

Interoperability, integration and JADC2 are likely to figure into an updated electromagnetic spectrum strategy expected soon from the Department of Defense.

IARPA pursues advanced radio eavesdropping defenses

The intelligence community's research arm wants to use smart radio tech to find elusive signals might signal efforts to tap remote transmissions.

Pentagon names 7 new military sites for 5G testing

The Defense Department has selected seven new military installations to conduct 5G testing and experimentation in several areas including augmented reality, wireless connectivity, and spectrum sharing.

NTIA backs Pentagon on Ligado 5G license

The Commerce Department is asking the Federal Communications Commission to reverse a plan to permit a commercial 5G provider to set up shop in spectrum adjacent to the global positioning system.

DOD tech leaders look to tune out Ligado

DOD technology officials blasted a FCC decision to allow a commercial wireless firm to come online despite possible interference with GPS transmissions.

DOD preps new electromagnetic spectrum strategy

The Defense Department is combining electromagnetic spectrum and electronic warfare into a single strategy for 2020.

Pentagon seeks 5G prototype proposals

The Defense Department has fleshed out draft plans for two of its planned 5G technology testbeds at military bases around the country.

DOD seeks more 5G prototypes

The Defense Department detailed two more draft plans for proposed 5G testbeds at military bases around the country.

DOD announces 5G military test sites

The Defense Department named five bases around the country to test emerging high speed 5G network applications.

Pentagon gears up for new 5G leadership

DOD Undersecretary for Research and Engineering Michael Griffin said the department is in the midst of adding assistant directors to lead the "strategic shaping" of 5G research and development.

Navy declares EMS a full-fledged warfighting domain

The Navy announced it has elevated the electromagnetic spectrum to a battlespace domain, joining cyber, land, sea, air and space.

DOD looks to share more spectrum

The government is going to study the possibility of making a 100 megahertz swath of spectrum available for high-speed mobile broadband.