What we learned from Congress’ first open UFO hearing in 50 years

A House hearing Tuesday discussed everything from extraterrestrials to advanced technology potentially developed by other nations.

Space Force to bring data scientists, coders on board this summer

The military’s newest service branch is in the final stages of selecting a group of tech-forward personnel.

International space station launches AI program to test astronaut gloves

Spaceborne Computer-2 is providing insights in real-time, just months after it was delivered to the ISS, Nextgov confirmed.

Space Force buys a digital twin of orbital Space

Updated “minute-by-minute,” the Slingshot Aerospace tool is expected to improve training and real-world planning.

Why Biden's proposed investment in Space object surveillance is a big deal

Space policy and technology experts weighed in on the nearly 800% increase for the Office of Space Commerce included in the FY2023 budget request.

Space Force gets roughly 40% increase in Biden request

A constellation of satellites will track ground vehicles, improve launch trajectories, and better nuclear command-and-control.

Space agency could get missile-tracking satellites earlier than anticipated

A budget increase accelerates the original timeline, a senior defense official said.

Lawmakers worry about cyber risks in space

Senators questioned the commanders of Space Command and Strategic Command on their plans to handle an increase in space-based threats.

What happens if Russia hacks a U.S. satellite?

A Russian official warned that impacting their satellites would be considered a declaration of war, but the U.S. stance is more circumspect.

Air Force commits millions to demonstrate ‘Space Internet’

Constellations of spacecraft spanning different orbits would be explored to provide connectivity.

Will Space Force protect orbiting gas stations and bases on the moon?

As U.S. companies venture farther from Earth, whether the newest service will protect them remains under discussion.