Portable or Handheld Devices

Mobile mashup: The military's proliferating mix of smartphones and tablets

DOD is using mobile devices in conventional and unconventional ways, which brings a lot of challenges to go with the convenience.

Handheld imaging tool makes light work of aircraft inspections

AFRL's HIT improves the quality of images while taking equipment weight from 1,200 pounds to 18 pounds.

Handheld devices improve bio and chemical threat detection

Army researchers are developing systems to quickly detect harmful agents and share that information via smartphones.

Navy could get next-gen global comm system a bit sooner

Lockheed Martin opens a facility to speed up testing and certification of MUOS terminals and applications.

Lawmakers assert Army will broaden next-gen radio competition

New York lawmakers say they successfully pressed the Army to shift from sole- to multiple-source contracts for JTRS radios.

Army net initiative gains momentum despite shutdown

The latest version of the services Network Integration Evaluation was slowed by the government shutdown but is expected to wrap up on schedule.

3 ways to secure networks against current, future threats

Securing IT networks should be ongoing, with consideration for potential long-term effects and threats.

Tablets hit the battlefield

Army looks to field a family of common computers, displays.

SAIC to develop imaging system for munitions disposal

Portable radiographic imager will help Navy technicians analyze condition of a device, munitions.

DRS wins major Army contract for mobile, rugged computing

The company will produce mounted computer systems hardware for Army vehicles.

General Dynamics develops security platform for Samsung mobile device

General Dynamics C4 Systems has established a strategic partnership with Samsung to incorporate its GD Protected technology into Samsung GALAXY devices that run the Samsung KNOX.

Big changes ahead for the military's BYOD strategy

The Defense Department's game plan of allowing mobile devices in the workplace includes exploring mobile device management, a strategy that could potentially turn some defense employees off to the Bring Your Own Device concept.

DOD working to fill in the blanks on BYOD strategy

Defense Department workers looking to use at work those new iPhones, tablets and smart phones they received as holiday gifts will have to wait a bit longer, as DOD officials continue to parse out their policy for the use of personal mobile devices in the workplace.

Mobility in 2013: A CIO's perspective

The Defense Department will face a number of issues in 2013, including mobility.

Xplore Technologies sells 900 tablets to the military

In its largest-ever order from the military, Xplore Technologies of Austin, TX, has received a “multi-million-dollar” purchase order for more than 900 rugged tablet PCs.

Marines look to ViaSat for help with secure mobile comms

ViaSat has won a $2.4 million contract from the Marine Corps Systems Command to engineer advanced information security into common, off-the-shelf mobile devices.

Sandia tackles challenge of securing large network of hand-held devices

Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories have stitched together a large network of hand-held computing devices running the Android operating system in an experiment to learn more about how to better protect such a network from cyberattacks.