DOD leans on civilian workforce to fill tech talent gaps

The Defense Department has been increasingly looking to recruit civilians to fill its tech talent needs, but some lawmakers are concerned that the mission of uniformed troops could suffer.

Was DOD ready for telework in 2020?

Slow networks, a lack of management buy-in and the need for more government equipment all affected how DOD feds transitioned to telework at the start of the pandemic, new reports from DOD's IG found.

Contractor oversight was lacking in Afghanistan, IG says

The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction's newest report calls out the government's failure to oversee contractors as a source of waste, fraud and abuse.

Inconsistent job coding may undercut DOD’s cyber workforce efforts

A DOD inspector general audit found that while the Pentagon has made strides, inconsistent job coding for civilian cyber work roles across filled and vacant positions may hinder recruiting and retention.

DOD CIO takes heat from lawmakers on 'delayed realization' of MilCloud 2.0

Rep. Stephanie Bice (R-Okla.) called it a "delayed realization of enhanced security" amid recent high-profile cybersecurity attacks.

DOD may be 'overly optimistic' with IT program risks, GAO says

The Government Accountability Office found that DOD often underestimated risks to IT programs compared to its own assessments.

DOD watchdog says DDS director didn't mistreat employees

A probe found that Defense Digital Service Brett Goldstein did condone the use of unapproved encrypted communications apps and also identified discussion among staffers about programming a script to rig an online competition.

DHS faces setbacks implementing CDM, IG says

The Department of Homeland Security has failed to address critical vulnerabilities across information technology assets due to significant delays in the department's rollout of a federal Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program.

DOD oversight report tracks pandemic spending

A recent inspector general report looks at contractors who received COVID-19 reimbursement under a $1 billion allocation in the CARES Act.

Is it time to test the limits -- and potential -- of expanding CMMC?

Calls for a certified baseline of cybersecurity seem to increase with every cyberattack. Is the CMMC model the right template for a universal and independently verifiable way to protect supply chains?

Lawmakers press White House for space acquisition chief

House appropriators lamented the absence of a dedicated space acquisition chief, challenging the new administration to make a nomination soon.

Senate defense committee delays NDAA markup

Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.), chairman for the Senate Armed Services Committee, announced that the committee would delay marking up the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act due to "uncertainty" in White House budget delivery.

HASC chair calls for new incentives to reduce defense costs

Divesting of legacy systems to make way for new technologies is expensive and at the heart of the Defense Department's budget debate. But could new incentives for contractors make a difference?

Consortium OTAs suffer from lack of guidance, data, IG finds

The Defense Department's internal watchdog found a lack of data on other transaction awards made through consortiums.

House Dems back bill to put guardrails around IGs

The proposal would limit the power of the president to remove inspectors general to for cause reasons and outline exactly who can serve as an acting IG.

Impatient lawmakers press Biden for cyber director nominee

President Joe Biden has said cybersecurity will be a top priority for his administration, but two senior positions focused on the issue remain either vacant or held by an acting official.

King: Mandatory breach disclosure bill coming soon

Sen. Angus King (I-Maine), a co-chair of the Cyberspace Solarium Commission, said he plans to propose new legislation in the coming weeks.