Clearance reciprocity still a policy issue despite better tech

The backlog of security clearance investigations has continued to drop from a 2018 high of 725,000 to 200,000, but agencies continue to struggle with reciprocity issues.

Background checks move to DOD

The government’s background investigations agency with some 3,000 employees has moved from the Office of Personnel Management to the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency.

Small business cuts coming amid NBIB merger

The Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency, which is absorbing National Background Investigations Bureau, expects to combine contracting offices and staff, while shrinking small business goals.

DDS outlines plans for background check improvement

As the Pentagon prepares to absorb background-checking responsibility, the Defense Digital Service is turning to industry for help.

NBIS using AI, DevSecOps to revamp background-check systems

Terry Carpenter, DISA's program executive officer for the National Background Investigation Service, talks about what to expect from a system in transition.

DOD on track to take over background checks

The Pentagon is readying to absorb the National Background Investigations Bureau ahead of an anticipated executive order.

Wholesale shift of NBIB to DOD looks likely

National Background Investigations Bureau Director Charles Phalen discusses the Trump administration's plan to move the organization under the Defense Department.

Pilot project aims to speed clearance process

A planned National Background Investigative Bureau pilot program taps contractor hiring data to speed clearance checks.

DISA modernizing clearance process with continuous monitoring

By continuously vetting cleared personnel, the Defense Information Systems Agency hopes to virtually eliminate the reinvestigation process and reduce the backlog.

Reorg puts DOD in charge of clearances

Under the Trump administration's reorganization plan, the Pentagon would become the central hub for security clearance authority in the federal government.

OPM, DOD to spend up to $330M on ID protection

The 21.5 million people affected by the hack of OPM databases will receive up to three years of credit monitoring and identity services.

White House offers protections to 22 million affected by OPM hack

A suspected Chinese hack of a security clearance database netted information on background checks dating to 2000.

Phishing scam poses as OPM hack notifications

As OPM is contacting the millions of potential victims, hackers are doing the same.

Ever-widening OPM hack includes security clearance database

Hackers apparently from China took highly-detailed SF-86 info on military and intelligence personnel.

A breakdown on the hack of 4 million federal employee records

It apparently came from China and affected nearly every federal agency, although uniformed military personnel are in the clear.

Chinese hackers hit federal employee database

OPM, which manages security clearance investigations for federal workers and the military, was attacked in March.

OPM's John Berry, king of the jungle

Government's top personnel official has a leonine namesake.