Open Source

DOD pushes back on open source

The Government Accountability Office wants the Department of Defense to implement governmentwide open source software requirements, but the Pentagon's top tech official has other plans.

The semantics of disinformation

DARPA thinks it can detect automated disinformation campaigns across a range of media by focusing on common machine-generated errors.

DARPA takes on election security with open source

The defense research agency is exploring the feasibility of locking down election systems with open-source software and secure hardware.

Open Group wants to set the standard for avionics software

A government-industry consortium looks to leverage standardization and reuse of software through a "conformance" program.

NRO jumps on open source bandwagon

Spy agencies are paradoxically embracing open source technologies as they seek more security.

Army goes open source with forensic analysis tool

ARL has released Dshell, which it has used for five years to understand compromises of DOD networks, to GitHub.

NGA goes open source with a public geospatial tool kit

NGA and DigitalGlobe have created a new cloud-based analytic tool for processing large troves of geospatial data.

NGA awards $335 million contract for Map of the World project

BAE Systems will provide support and develop new data sources for the integrated geospatial intelligence tool.

How Linux containers can solve a problem for DOD virtualization

Application containers can help agencies cut down on software licenses and other costs, while streamlining installation and patch cycles.

DOD gradually embracing open source

Lockheed Martin is touting an agile open source approach that it claims will boost information sharing.

Navy to save $60 million under Oracle software enterprise license agreement

The new agreement includes unlimited use of the company's core products.

Army C4ISR portal uses open-source software for faster upgrades

The Army has upgraded its Single Interface to the Field (SIF) web portal using open-source software to make it easier for users to find information and documents.

ITT Exelis unveils mobile access to GEOINT for ground troops

ITT Exelis is promoting new software based on its ENVI Image Analysis package that would allow ground troops real-time access to airborne and satellite image analysis through mobile devices.

Small satellite clusters deemed more able to adapt, survive

The Defense Department's research agency seeks to build clusters of small spacecraft that work together and share information.

Software bugs: Recipe for cyber disaster

Enemies of the state are looking for software bugs to exploit.

Companies, government mine social media for intel

Companies are seeking to combine open-source data to predict future events.

Open source serves as linchpin to modernization: Justice

Open-source software and technologies are helping the military keep up with rapidly evolving technology, says Army Maj. Gen. Nick Justice.