Networks and Spectrum

Navy putting $49.8M into upgrading its EW test center

AAI Corp. will perform test environment system upgrades to the division's Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division's Electronic Combat Simulation and Evaluation Laboratories.

Managing the chaos of portable networks

Networks-on-the-go are essential against asymmetric adversaries, but they pose intriguing management challenges.

Ultra-high-speed chip could make the spectrum feel less crowded

DARPA's analog-to-digital converter can analyze large swaths of the electromagnetic spectrum, keeping systems alter to jamming and other interference.

DOD steps up the search for electronic warfare tools

The military services are looking for innovative ways to improve EW capabilities and blend them with cyber operations.

DOD could declare the spectrum a domain of warfare

As a sign of the electromagnetic spectrum's growing importance, the department is considering naming it as the sixth operational domain.

For the military, cyber world, real world are the same thing

DOD officials describe how the network is now a weapon in the cyber domain akin to bullets in the physical domain.

In a Navy first, tablets integrate with mission systems aboard Growlers

EA-18G Growlers successfully demonstrated advanced, long-range targeting capabilities and integrated tablets with onboard systems.

Uncluttering the spectrum by putting it on the map

DARPA's RadioMap program, which will give users visibility into the radio spectrum, moves into Phase 3.

DARPA wants better air-to-air networking

The agency is asking for technologies that enable greater network interoperability between friendly airborne platforms in adversarial environments.

DARPA awards $7.9 million deal for spectrum sharing work

Leidos will execute Phase 2 of the SSPARC program, which looks to allow radar and communications systems share bandwidth.

The Internet of Arms will be slow to emerge

While the Internet of Things is growing, security and other risks will slow its growth in the military, a market watcher predicts.

The key to stronger communications? Vacuum tubes.

DARPA is looking for ways to make a new generation of vacuum electronics devices that will open up a new area of the electromagnetic spectrum and be harder to jam.

Navy boosts Raytheon's contract for Next Generation Jammer

The $13 million contract modification support development of the service's next electronic warfare weapon.

DOD report cites China's focus on cyber as a weapon of wartime

The annual report to Congress also focuses a growing emphasis on electronic warfare, space and unmanned vehicles.

DISA awards $469M deal for global content delivery

Hewlett-Packard will provide content delivery service and work to upgrade the system to meet future demands.

17 companies win spots on $5.8B NetCents 2 contract

The vendors will compete for work in support of network operations and infrastructure for the Air Force and other military services.

Air Force awards $84M deal for electronic warfare simulations

The VIEWS II program will focus on testing the sensors and architectures that fuse data from multiple sources, including the F-22 and F-35.