National Security Council

CISA chief: cyber order will 'stretch the system'

The executive order, which was published Wednesday night, contains deadlines for CISA, the Department of Homeland Security, the Office of Management and Budget and other agencies to begin reworking the government's cybersecurity with some timelines as short as 30 days from its signing.

Pipeline ransomware attack renews infrastructure concerns

Senior administration officials say multiple government agencies are working to distribute information to industry about the ransomware attack that led to the shutdown of a key natural gas pipeline for the East Coast.

Former CISA chief cautions on push for national cyber director

The former CISA chief expressed confidence in Deputy National Security Advisor Anne Neuberger to help the White House confront the multiple cybersecurity incidents it is facing.

Biden taps former NSA cyber director to lead SolarWinds response

The lawmakers had sent a letter to the White House earlier this week urging President Joe Biden to select one official to oversee the federal government’s response to the breach.

White House task force says Russia likely to blame for SolarWinds hack

The Cyber Unified Coordination Group said in a statement on Tuesday that fewer than 10 government agencies have been "compromised by follow-on activity" on federal systems as a result of the hack.

Lawmakers seek details on damage done by the SolarWinds hack

As information trickles out about which federal agencies have been compromised by a sophisticated hacking operation, lawmakers have begun seeking an extensive accounting of what damage has been done.

NSC invokes 2016 directive to respond to SolarWinds hack

The National Security Council's announcement to create a special group for coordinating the federal government's response to the SolarWinds hack comes as the list of affected agencies grows.

Watchdog calls for White House cyber director

Congress may have to step in to carve out a White House position charged with implementing protective cybersecurity measures.

Joyce: Give the U.S. cyberwar policy a chance

Rob Joyce, former White House cyber coordinator, said the Trump administration's new cyber warfare policy is more "thoughtful" than some might think.

Are there new rules for cyberwar?

Reports that the Trump administration has rescinded an Obama-era directive guiding the use of offensive cyber operations has cybersecurity experts pondering what, if anything, has replaced it.