Mobile and Wireless

'Radio whispering' promises a great leap in wireless communications

UC San Diego researchers working with DARPA show how to make a low-power, lightweight system that can take advantage of unused frequencies and avoid interference.

The Army is automating digital certificate monitoring in the field

With a bevy of devices for soldiers to keep track of, CERDEC creates a tool that could eliminate the manual method of making sure certificates are ready to authenticate users.

DARPA puts its money on spectrum sharing

The research agency offers a $2 million prize for technologies that use software-defined radios and machine learning to make more efficient use of the RF spectrum.

Terahertz amplifiers could open new frontiers in RF communications

Researchers from Northrop Grumman, working with DARPA, have developed two different amplifiers capable of using the THz range of the spectrum, which could lead to a new range of high-speed, secure communications.

Navy hires two to explore cryogenic RF technologies

Out of the Fog and Hypres win contracts to develop cryogenic radio frequency systems and quantum memory technologies.

DARPA project could double wireless capacity

A full-duplex process developed under the agency’s ACT program could cut the spectrum demands for wireless communications and radars in half.

New software opens the door to real-time data sharing for Marines

The Tactical Service Orientated Architecture lets Marines on the battlefield get mission-critical information via mobile device.

Army's cyber challenge to focus on micro cloud management

The service is going to the Silicon Valley to enlist help in better managing the “vast, dynamic resource pool” of tactical networks.

Army adding gigabit wireless to its tactical network

Aruba's Command Post Wi-Fi brings NSA-approved wireless to WIN-T at the battalion level.

DARPA awards 9 contracts for Squad X program

The program is beginning work on bringing an operational picture down to dismounted soldiers and Marines.

Army command takes tactical network to the next level

The I Corps, which covers the Pacific theater, is using WIN-T Increment 2 to make Strykers into mobile headquarters.

Pair of mesh reflectors boost Navy’s satcom network

The reflectors on satellites in the MUOS constellation help increase communications capacity 16-fold.

Army opens a mobile app store

The Training and Doctrine Command’s site will host existing applications and facilitate the creation of new ones.

Army depot deploys emergency notification system

The Tobyhanna Army Depot in Pennsylvania has put a four-prong system into use for emergencies.

SPAWAR in search of mobile C4I support

The Navy is looking for support in mobile command, control, communications, computer and intelligence capabilities that would operate in potentially hostile regions of the world.

Navy wrapping up its switch from BlackBerry to Apple, Android

The transition for shore-based mobile users on NMCI and ONE-Net is to be completed by the end of January 2016.

Going mobile: DOD needs to take the next steps on security

DOD is ahead of civilian agencies on security, a SolarWinds survey finds, but there is still a lot of work to be done.