Navy says hit me again with Blackjack UAS

The small, rail-launched ISR drones are used by the Navy and Marines for ISR, and have shown potential for domestic use.

Marine CIO: Sometimes the data just won't be there

In a contested spectrum, U.S. troops won’t always be able to count on information being available, and may have to revert to some "tried and true" tactics, Brig. Gen. Dennis Crall says.

DOD adds electronic attack aircraft to the fight against ISIS

The Defense Department has announced that EA-6B Prowler aircraft, specializing in tactical jamming capabilities, have deployed to support the anti-ISIS efforts.

Marines put new cyber unit into play

The Marine Corps unveiled a new cyber unit called Marine Corps Cyberspace Warfare Group to man, train and equip its cyberspace mission teams.

New software opens the door to real-time data sharing for Marines

The Tactical Service Orientated Architecture lets Marines on the battlefield get mission-critical information via mobile device.

Marines successfully fly Blackjack UAS in controlled airspace

A Marines Corps unit recently conducted successful flights of the RQ-21A Blackjack in Class D controlled airspace allowing for simultaneous flights with manned aircraft.

Navy strikes deal for backpack anti-IED jammers

The military is continuing to invest in giving ground troops portable electronic warfare tools.

Military mulls letting robots take the point

The Army’s chief roboticist wants robots to take the front lines to serve as “bullet catchers” to protect soldiers. But should they also fire back?

Officials: The time is now for battlefield 3D printing

Leaders are optimistic about the capabilities 3D printing can afford, saying it should be leveraged today.

Marine Corps in the next phase of MCEITS IT transformation

The 2.0 stage of the Marine Corps Enterprise Information Technology Services program is adding new applications and capabilities ahead of schedule, VMware’s Bill Rowan writes.

Tactical mobility coming into the picture for on-ground soldiers

Officials discuss what's next for mobile devices in the military — from real-time video to head-up displays.

Pentagon spending $100M to encrypt tactical communications

DISA awards Northrop Grumman a contract to install programmable encryption devices for the Joint Battle Command-Platform.

ONR adds $11M to tablet-controlled autonomous helicopter program

Aurora Flight Sciences will continue tests on the AACUS program, in which unmanned rotorcraft deliver supplies to small units in dangerous environments.

Marines award $73.2M deal for backpack electronic warfare devices

The Modi II from Sierra Nevada Corp. can jam IED detonation signals and disrupt enemy communications.

Hatch-mounted satellite system keeps Marines updated in-flight

The system provides network access, real-time video and other tools for crisis-response teams right up until they arrive on a battlefield.

Marines conduct first live-fire augmented reality training

The exercise takes the Augmented Immersive Team Trainer system developed by the Office of Naval Research to the next level.

Oshkosh grabs huge armored vehicle contract

The Joint Light Tactical Vehicle will replace vulnerable Humvees on the battlefield, after the Army awarded a $6.7 billion deal that could eventually grow to $30 billion.