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No Senate vote, no GPO chief

Government Printing Office chief will step down after the Senate does not confirm him before its holiday break.

Army to cut civilian jobs

The Army is set to reduce its civilian workforce in the next year as part of onging budget-trimming efforts.

Time to say goodbye to the employee suggestion box

Agencies should trash their employee suggestion boxes, unless all they want to hear is a bunch of complaints, says one consultant.

Budget crunch makes GSA popular

GSA Administrator Martha Johnson is getting an unprecedented amount of phone calls from agency leaders who want money-saving options.

Why breaking rank is sometimes a good thing

Office of Personnel Management Director John Berry recounts how one employee saved the day by ignoring agency protocol.

Former political powerhouses join Partnership's board

The Partnership for Public Service has elected former Office of Management and Budget Director Peter Orszag and other key figures to its board of directors.

Obama wants cool technology for Oval Office

Unaware his remarks were being overheard by reporters, Obama criticizes federal technology, workforce

DOD blocks video-streaming sites in wake of Japan

Access to streaming video on websites, including YouTube, Amazon and Google video, has been blocked by DOD's Cyber Command, which has found that interest in Japan has taxed its bandwidth.

Government to develop cybersecurity recruitment model

The results of a governmentwide survey will be used to identify the skills necessary for cybersecurity professionals, according to the Office of Personnel Management.

Joint Forces commander details plans for closure

Contractor jobs, as well as military and civilian government roles, will be cut as a new, leaner organization focuses on training and education, Army Gen. Ray Odierno, commander of Joint Forces Command, says.

Correction: Federal vs. private pay: The latest take on who makes more

This story was been modified on Nov. 5 to correct an error. The gap between federal and private sector pay has grown by 2.1 percent since last year and totals an average of about 24 percent.

In the future, everyone may be a cybersecurity professional

A recent study on the “Human Capital Crisis in Cybersecurity” could be the spark for a wholesale change in the way the entire government IT work force is trained and certified, writes blogger Brian Robinson.

Gates recommends next Marine commandant

Department of Defense Secretary Robert Gates has recommended that President Obama nominate Gen. James F. Amos, an Iraq war veteran with an aviation background, to become the next commandant of the Marine Corps.

DFAS halts policy that fired employees over credit scores

Following a congressional inquiry, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service on March 30 announced that it would temporarily shelve a policy that suspended or terminated DFAS employees who posted low credit scores.

Defense panel urges major improvements in DOD acquisitions

The Defense Acquisition Reform panel concludes that DOD's mishandling of acquisitions and procurement fails to fulfill current military's mission needs and contributes to massive cost overruns.

Managers beware: The millennial workforce under the microscope

A new paper suggests that government managers should consider much more drastic changes in the way they deal with the incoming workforce.

D.C. feds hunker down for another blizzard

The federal government in Washington, D.C., breaks out its telework plans as yet another blizzard threatens the capital.