DISA to launch supercomputer upgrade

New DREN contract will upgrade connections between researchers and supercomputing facilities.

Army embarks on ambitious voice-over-IP initiative

The Army plans to migrate its backbone voice capabilities to voice over IP as part of a Defense Department mandate to create a seamless digital network for voice and data communications.

Everything over IP transitions to IP over everything

The Defense Department has a formal migration plan to move all of its telecommunications to the IP format by the second half of the next decade.

Air Force makes progress on IPv6

Eglin Air Force Base is the first enclave to test IPv6 traffic on a production network, and initial results show that the backbone is handling the new Internet protocols just fine.

DOD updates IPv6 Standard Profile

The updated IPv6 Standard Profile provides a technical and standards based definition of interoperability requirements for IPv6-capable products to be used in DOD networks.

How the military is unifying communications and collaboration

The lessons of VOIP are helping expand and combine rich communications and collaboration on military networks.

Sectéra Edge smartphone earns SCIP certification

Sectéra Edge smart phone wins SCIP certification from the National Security Agency.

JITC to review all products for IPv6 compliance

Now all voice, video and data IPv6 products undergo a standard evaluation that can lead to being certified for DOD use.

InfoWeapons SolidDNS receives DISA certification

The Defense Information Systems Agency Joint Interoperability Test Command has concluded that InfoWeapons SolidDNS meets the requirements to qualify as a certified IPv6-ready device, providing organizations with the ability to run an IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack Domain Name Service from a single appliance.

DARPA network monitoring

Network-centric operations offer a wealth of new capabilities for the military, but they also present major problems for network monitoring and security.