IoT and Sensors

Navy considers wearables for proximity tracking

The Naval Sea Systems Command is looking for wearable tracking devices so it can tell when staff members might have been exposed to a COVID-positive person at work.

Marines connect smart base infrastructure

The smart base testbed will leverage Marine Corps Air Station Miramar’s investments in both autonomous vehicles testing and microgrid technology.

Pentagon names 7 new military sites for 5G testing

The Defense Department has selected seven new military installations to conduct 5G testing and experimentation in several areas including augmented reality, wireless connectivity, and spectrum sharing.

Warfighters need trusted sensors

DOD is working on innovative new solutions that mitigate smartphone risks by focusing on smartphone sensor control.

Army plans industry day for IoT and 'smart bases'

The Army wants to incorporate tech solutions usually seen in smart cities at its military installations.

High-tech polymer could better protect against chemical weapons

To help alert troops to chemical attacks, researchers are working to incorporate sensors into clothing that can detect chemical agents in the air.

DOD gets new BPA for remote sensing support

KeyW Corp. books a five-year, $135 million blanket purchase agreement for engineering services to support the U.S. military's remote sensing missions.

DOD features prominently in Government Innovation Awards

Six defense projects and three military Rising Stars are among this year's winners.

For this Army project, it's the Internet of Trash

The data delivered by lightweight sensors will help Fort Carson avoid overfilled containers, spot trends and optimize truck routing.

A high-tech solution for spotting IEDs

Researchers are building an augmented reality system that combines traditional cameras, thermal infrared sensing and ground penetrating radar to find improvised explosive devices from up to 30 meters away.

Global fitness tracker data exposes IoT policy gap

Thanks to data from fitness trackers, jogging routes of service members are providing a virtual atlas of sensitive military installations and forward operational bases around the world.

DARPA seeks 'smart plants' to protect soldiers

DARPA is experimenting with genetically modifying plants to detect chemical weapons, radiation and other airborne threats.

Ultra-compact technology makes bio-implanted antenna possible

The Air Force Research Laboratory has made a breakthrough in magnetoelectric technology, shrinking antenna by over 90% and making bio-antenna a future possibility.

OPED: new conformal batteries expedite moves to a digital soldier

New conformal batteries better enable soldier-mounted tech such as computers, navigation system and night vision.

The Army’s new medical data link connects medevac helicopters and hospitals

MEDHUB uses a system of wireless sensors to transmit real-time patient data to better prepare hospitals to treat them once they arrive.

Army soldiers get new vision display sensors in mine-protected combat vehicles

The Army is developing a new touchscreen display for soldiers to access sensor data.

Ground troops join pilots in tracking targets with augmented reality helmet displays

Thales is adapting their augmented reality target tracking technology to be mounted on the helmets of ground operators, as well as aircrew.