Experts urge Congress to pass semiconductor-production boosting legislation

The Bipartisan Innovation Act would inject tens of billions into domestic semiconductor production.

U.S. to target North Korea’s technology access in response to recent missile tests

A “range of further actions” are anticipated for the coming days, an official said.

U.S. cloud service giants take action against Russia

The largest cloud providers in the U.S. are responding to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

CISA warns of ransomware gang, issues indicators of compromise

Processes spurring from the Ragnar Locker Ransomware have affected at least 52 critical infrastructure victims since January, but will terminate if it encounters systems in certain Russian and near-Russian locations.

Worldwide threats hearing highlights U.S. cyber concerns of Russia-Ukraine conflict

National security officials warned that cyberattacks on Ukraine may one day ‘spillover.’

What happens if Russia hacks a U.S. satellite?

A Russian official warned that impacting their satellites would be considered a declaration of war, but the U.S. stance is more circumspect.

Russia’s cyber tactics are prompting the FCC to address internet routing security

Standards exist for network operators to implement, but there is no rule forcing them to do so.

‘You are a target’: Navy warns staff to prepare for cyber threats

The Navy modernized and extended the reach of its information technology beyond traditional security boundaries over the last few years.

US-EU alignment on tech policy shaky in face of Russian aggression

The conflict in Ukraine is reinforcing an industry-friendly argument for how the government should regulate cybersecurity.

Russia could 'absolutely' lash out at US through cyber, lawmaker warns 

Sen. Mark Warner advises the U.S. and NATO allies to be on high alert amid global sanctions against Russia.

Iran-linked hackers conducting operations against government networks, intel agencies warn

Iranian government-linked hackers may be using global circumstances to their advantage.

Biden: ‘Prepared to respond’ if Russia pursues cyberattacks against US

The White House also announced sanctions that will limit Russia’s access to cutting edge technologies.

The U.S. is working to improve Ukraine’s cyber defenses in the face of Russian threat

The prospect of a cyberattack amid heightened regional tensions creates a stark contrast against delicate diplomatic efforts the U.S. is pursuing to thwart ransomware criminals officials say are operating out of Russia.