Health IT

Defense officials develop 5G-enabled medical applications to support future troops

Vendors were recently selected to push forward military telemedicine experiments.

VA seeks dashboard to coordinate $21B health record project

The Office of Electronic Health Records Modernization wants a dashboard view of progress across the DOD and VA's interconnected software upgrades.

VA delays electronic health records deployment due to COVID cases

The VA Central Ohio Healthcare System was supposed to receive a new EHR system deployment in March, but COVID spikes overwhelmed the workforce.

Robotic glove can help tetraplegic veterans recover

VA is running trials on the FES Hand Glove 200, which helps patients complete their therapy sessions.

AFRL's sweat-sensor app breaks new ground in bio-monitoring

The lab, working with the University of Cincinnati, develops a patch that can deliver key medical information in near-real time to a smartphone.

Army set to field smartphone app to diagnose brain trauma

The DANA application can identify symptoms of traumatic brain injuries in any setting and in a little as five minutes.

Air Force hospital adds Ebola-zapping robot

The Xenex system uses xenon ultraviolet light to rid rooms of a full range of viruses.

Biosensor bandage collects vital signs, health indicators from sweat

Air Force Research Lab is developing a quick, non-invasive way to the kind of results you get from a blood test.

Budget proposal takes aim at defense IT, force reductions

For the third year in a row, the Defense Department's budget will decrease in 2013, though it's certainly not the only agency feeling the squeeze.

Obama sets sights on next Medicare administrator

Though the White House has not made it official yet, President Obama reportedly knows who he wants to run the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.

IT turkeys: 7 government projects worthy of a roast

Over the years, the American public has been gifted with its share of computer-based turkeys -- information technology projects gone wrong, often at spectacular expense.

Army to begin virtual support group for amputees

The Army wants to develop virtual technology for support groups for amputees and their families.

Defense budget could go up as much as $20.5B under Obama

The increased budget would include IT spending by the Defense and Veterans Affairs departments, according to the budget request released today.

DOD starts online directory for wounded service members

The Defense Department has launched a Web-based network of care coordinators for injured service members, veterans and their families.

Lt. Col. Geesey new head of MC4 product management office

Geesey will work with Defense Health Information Management System which develops electronic medical records and other health software systems.

Army gets new medical CIO

Lt. Col. Hon Pak was director of Advanced Information Technology Group.