GAO backs Microsoft's protest of $10 billion NSA cloud award to AWS

The Government Accountability Office agreed that aspects of the National Security Agency's evaluation of a major cloud award were "unreasonable."

DHS faces steep climb with financial systems modernization

The agency made some awards on a long-delayed financial management modernization effort earlier this month, but years of work awaits the agency on establishing an enterprisewide system.

DOD could face $4 billion in pandemic reimbursements for contractors

According to a GAO report, the Defense Department may have $4 billion in eligible reimbursements for contractors under the CARES Act.

DOD may be 'overly optimistic' with IT program risks, GAO says

The Government Accountability Office found that DOD often underestimated risks to IT programs compared to its own assessments.

Clearance reciprocity still a policy issue despite better tech

The backlog of security clearance investigations has continued to drop from a 2018 high of 725,000 to 200,000, but agencies continue to struggle with reciprocity issues.

Boosting student loan debt forgiveness could pay off for cyber recruiting

Almost all Defense Department personnel who have sought student loan debt forgiveness have been denied -- a trend that, if unchanged, could make it even harder to recruit and retain tech talent.

Impatient lawmakers press Biden for cyber director nominee

President Joe Biden has said cybersecurity will be a top priority for his administration, but two senior positions focused on the issue remain either vacant or held by an acting official.

U.S. power grid increasingly susceptible to cyberattacks, watchdog says

The country's electrical systems are increasingly susceptible to cyberattacks, according to government auditors, and there is uncertainty about the extent to which a localized attack might cascade through power distribution systems.

GAO: Vague contract language hampers weapons systems' cybersecurity

The Government Accountability Office found that missing or vague cybersecurity requirements in acquisitions contracts for weapons systems often led to DOD getting a system that didn't meet its security needs.

GAO: DOD has to get a handle on future services spending

As the Defense Department looks to buy more services, it's going to need to come up with action plans to better account for spending in future years, according to a recent Government Accountability Office report.

State Department can't justify opening cyber office, GAO finds

The Government Accountability Office says the State Department failed to justify the scope and organizational placement of a new office that was greenlighted in the final days of the Trump administration.

GAO tracks diversity in the intelligence community

Although steps have been taken to address workforce diversity, a recent report underscored gaps in strategic planning among intelligence community elements.

Watchdog says Pentagon's effort to 'harmonize' cyber is lacking

A new Government Accountability Office report says the Pentagon's architecture to unify its cyber efforts lacks governance structure and goals.

DOD's reform efforts may wane without steady leadership

The Government Accountability Office found that leadership and organizational changes, namely the future of DOD's chief management officer role, could hamper long term reform efforts.

Army needs to analyze OTA use, watchdog finds

A GAO report found that the Army needs to do a thorough analysis of its use of rapid acquisition agreements to make contracting practices more uniform.

Watchdog calls for White House cyber director

Congress may have to step in to carve out a White House position charged with implementing protective cybersecurity measures.

Navy shifts to zero trust mindset to deal with COVID-related telework

Yesterday's buzzword has become today's security imperative, according to the department's CISO.