White House task force says Russia likely to blame for SolarWinds hack

The Cyber Unified Coordination Group said in a statement on Tuesday that fewer than 10 government agencies have been "compromised by follow-on activity" on federal systems as a result of the hack.

Intel agencies uncover Russian hacking tool

The GRU malware targets Linux operating systems and is used to conduct cyber espionage on behalf.

IC leaders: Future cyber attacks will do real damage

In congressional testimony, James Clapper and other intelligence leaders say the next push from nation-state hackers could be manipulation and deletions of data, not just the theft of it.

Private sector still in denial about cyber threat, says former FBI official

Attempts to penetrate the networks of several natural gas pipeline operators should be a wake-up call for the private sector.

Insider threats defense plan in the works, but will it work?

The FBI and ODNI are leading the initiative to develop a national policy on insider threats expected by year's end. However, it will take more than fancy technology to do the job.

Shortage of adequately trained cyber pros puts US at risk

A severe shortage of experienced cyber professionals leaves the nation vulnerable to cyberattacks that might inflict death and damage.

National security switcheroo: Panetta to DOD, Petraeus to CIA?

The top U.S. commander will likely succeed current CIA Director Leon Panetta once Panetta replaces Robert Gates as defense secretary, and more shake-ups are imminent, news outlets report.

Is government the odd man out in cyber defense?

A study commissioned by Homeland Security on what worked and what didn’t work in the Conficker Working Group placed government collaboration in the "didn’t" column.

Former FBI cybersecurity exec joins Mandiant

Retired FBI official Scott O'Neal joins the IT security firm to head its federal business practice.

Henry heads to FBI cyber crime branch


Know your vendor

Introduction of unauthorized or compromised computer hardware, networking equipment or electronic components could wreak havoc on any system.