Nanotech process a breath of fresh air for submarines

The SAMMS technology offers an environmentally safe way to purify the air without the bad smell and hazardous waste created by the current system.

R&D funding on the rise in 2013 budget proposal

Spending for scientific research and development, including clean energy, bio and nano research and education, would increase under the president's 2013 budget proposal.

China threatens U.S. supercomputing supremacy

With its Dawning Nebulae supercomputer, China reached the No. 2 spot of the TOP500list, edging closer to the high-performance computing speed record.

AFCEA branches into federal energy initiatives

Newly focused chapter to facilitate collaboration between industry and government leaders in science, technology and policy.

Interagency turf battles put U.S. defense technologies at risk

Weapons and other defense-related technologies are in danger of falling into the wrong hands, according to a recent report by the Government Accountability Office.

Panel: For good security, keep the back door closed

The rapidly changing nature of threats and systems means IT security will continue to be a journey with no clear destination for the foreseeable future, according to a panel of security experts.