Emerging Technology

Senator not sold on Army’s $22 billion bet on IVAS

In response, Army Secretary Christine Wormuth told senators she was "pretty comfortable" with the program's progress and said she didn't agree with elements of a critical oversight report.

Microsoft, DOD partners celebrate cooperative research and development agreement

The company may have the chance to negotiate exclusive intellectual property rights—with an exception for the government—to innovations emerging from the collaboration.

Pentagon still not taking full advantage of rapid acquisition authorities, former official says

Ellen Lord, the former undersecretary of defense for acquisition and sustainment during the Trump administration, told senators "strong leadership" was needed to fully embrace rapid acquisitions policies.

State Department taps assessment-based hiring process for data scientists

The department hit its applicant cap in one day after posting a job listing seeking 50 data scientists.

DIU sets up shop in Chicago

The Defense Department's tech innovation arm is expanding with a new midwest office.

The military's 5G capabilities could be stale by the time they're fielded

The Navy's chief digital innovation officer, Michael Galbraith, said when it comes to 5G, his biggest concern after security is "time to market."

Private sector player urges DOD to screen 5G technology for cybersecurity

The Pentagon is offering cash prizes for hardware or software ideas to make various components of fifth-generation networking technology interoperable across various manufacturers.

New tech budget request is the Defense Department’s largest ever

Pursuing China, the Pentagon aims to bump spending for artificial intelligence and 5G.

The IC's 4-year emerging tech investment plan

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence's investment strategy aims to make it easier for companies to connect with program managers.

Air Force moves to drive computer vision research and development

An official said it shows that DOD is serious about enabling more personnel to harness artificial intelligence.

The Pentagon's AI center plans to rapidly deploy algorithms to the battlefield

The Joint Artificial Intelligence Center’s director shed new light on its AI and Data Accelerator this week.

DOD Opens Two Fresh Facilities to Field Next-Gen Supercomputers

Officials can access new office space, conference rooms—and high-performance capabilities—in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

DIU boasts more rapid acquisition agreements but fewer new programs in 2021

The Defense Innovation Unit awarded out 72 new prototype contracts, but transitioned out only eight technologies – a dip compared to 2020.

Defense officials develop 5G-enabled medical applications to support future troops

Vendors were recently selected to push forward military telemedicine experiments.

IARPA looks to design 'smart' textiles to monitor warfighter health, performance

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity wants electronic components it can stitch into textiles that will adapt to changes in the external environment or user input.

Air Force improvises with 3D printing to overcome supply chain issues

A senior airman’s creative idea resulted in money saved and capabilities improved at Joint Base Langley-Eustis.