Drones and UAS

JADC2 needs to be Pentagon's 'big bet,' Flournoy says

Michèle Flournoy, former undersecretary of defense for policy, said Joint All Domain Command and Control "needs to be one of the big bets that the Pentagon places" if it wants to be prepared for the future of warfare.

Navy's aquatic drone plan faces operational hurdles

One Navy leader explained that the technological difficulties are outstripped by the organizational challenges.

Pentagon advances domestic drone plan

The Defense Department names five U.S. vendors for domestic sourcing of small drone aircraft.

Lawmakers call on Army to coordinate small-drone defenses

A bipartisan amendment would charge the Army with coordinating defenses against small drones across the Defense Department.

Lawmakers skeptical of seaborne drone fleet

The House defense committee is looking to add some oversight for rapid procurement of unmanned vehicles and vessels, and wants more detailed plans on how the Army will use its newly developed augmented reality headset.

U.S. drone developers feel squeeze during pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is taking a toll on the Defense Department's effort to jumpstart a domestic drone industry.

Navy seeks unmanned fleet, but Congress needs convincing

The Navy wants to add more unmanned surface and underwater vehicles to its future fleet, but faces skepticism on Capitol Hill.

Pentagon wants industry base to close IP theft gaps

The Defense Department is concerned about gaining and keeping a technological edge and is looking to private-sector companies to help seal their capabilities.

Coast Guard to develop drone interception capability

The U.S. Coast Guard is developing a counter-drone capability to protect both its own locations and to guard protected assets under special circumstances as provided for under a recent law.

DOD looks to expand drone industrial base amid supply chain concerns

Ellen Lord, DOD’s undersecretary for acquisition and sustainment, told reporters that it couldn’t use commercially available and popular drones made by DJI, a China-based firm.

Chinese drone maker tries to quell talk of data siphoning

DJI's U.S. operation tells lawmakers its technology is secure and is approved for use by state, local and federal agencies.

Army aims for robot vehicles on the battlefield by 2028

It's not Skynet yet, but Army Secretary Mark Esper says robotics will change the fundamentals of warfare and that getting there first provides a distinct advantage.

DOD wants drones to deliver blood on the battlefield

A recent solicitation from DIUx points to a plan to advance front-line medical care for combat troops.

Trump revises rules for export of military drones

The Trump administration is looking to make it easier for allies to buy military-grade drones from U.S. firms.