DARPA has big plans for the CHASE program

Dr. Jennifer Roberts, program manager for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s information innovation office, talks about what cyber capabilities are in the works.

DARPA exploring new levels of mobile security

DOD's research arm is getting ready to test mobile devices that permit information-sharing across multiple security levels from a single platform.

DARPA underground mapping challenge moves to next stage

The research arm of the Defense Department looks to a Colorado mine for next leg of its tunnel mapping tech challenge.

What about the in-house innovators?

Silicon Valley has become synonymous with innovation, but government leaders might be missing out on what’s going on in their own labs.

With military research into nanomaterials, the future looks light

Breakthrough work being led by the Army Research Lab and DARPA could revolutionize jet engines and microelectronics.

Pentagon wants an imaging sensor that can think

Under the ReImagine program, researchers seek to develop a programmable array of pixels that can use machine learning to react to what they’re seeing, as a way to improve situational awareness.

DARPA goes to next phase of Squad X

The research agency awards Lockheed a contract to continue work on bringing a command-and-control view to the squad level.

DARPA wants air traffic control for low-flying drones

The Aerial Dragnet program calls for identifying and tracking UAS flying below 1,000 feet in urban areas where line-of-sight is not available.

DARPA invites next wave of EW, sensor tech

The Pentagon's research arm is looking for new way to manage the spectrum and tactical sensors that can analyze information as it comes in.

Image analysis research targets photo fakery

DARPA funds university research to use machine learning to analyze massive troves of images to spot doctored photos.

'Radio whispering' promises a great leap in wireless communications

UC San Diego researchers working with DARPA show how to make a low-power, lightweight system that can take advantage of unused frequencies and avoid interference.

DARPA moves ahead with plan to put anti-missile lasers on drones

The agency adds to a contract with Northrop to develop a small system that can be mounted on manned and unmanned aircraft.

Pentagon wants fresh ideas on defending against small drones

DARPA researchers want modular, scalable systems to counter an emerging threat.

New project wants AI to explain itself

DARPA's XAI project wants machines to be able to make humans understand their reasoning, which would help build trust in autonomous systems.

Bots chase down the bugs in Cyber Grand Challenge

In DARPA's Cyber Grand Challenge, seven teams from industry and academia strove to show how automated systems could find and fix software flaws within seconds.

Cyber teams ready to throw down in Grand Challenge

Seven teams are set to test if their automated systems can quickly find a fix flaws at DARPA's cyber Grand Challenge in Las Vegas.

DARPA puts its money on spectrum sharing

The research agency offers a $2 million prize for technologies that use software-defined radios and machine learning to make more efficient use of the RF spectrum.