The Navy needs to do a better job finding the right job for its cyber specialists, officials say

Adm. Michael Gilday, the chief of naval operations, told the House Armed Services Committee the Navy has struggled with matching cyber talent with teams.

Defense officials push for cyber standards compliance, citing warfighter needs

Officials from the Pentagon's CIO Office reiterated the need for strong digital defenses as conflicts take aim at critical infrastructure.

CISA adds new Russian malware to cyber advisory

The agency updated its warning regarding malware deployed by Russian state actors as the country continues war against Ukraine.

The Army wants to re-do how it manages cyber risk

The service is working to stand up a risk management council in the coming month.

What CISA wants critical infrastructure partners to report on cyber incidents

A new guide provides clues into how the agency might be thinking of crucial details, such as what should count as an “incident” under a new law.

U.S. space systems see 'dramatic' spike in risks amid global competition

Officials from the Defense Intelligence Agency said there's been a steep increase in the pace and scope of operations since 2019 primarily from China and Russia.

Solarium co-chairs urge White House to maintain Trump-era cyber authorities

Lawmakers expressed concern that rolling back the authorities from a 2018 presidential memorandum would jeopardize national security efforts.

Private sector player urges DOD to screen 5G technology for cybersecurity

The Pentagon is offering cash prizes for hardware or software ideas to make various components of fifth-generation networking technology interoperable across various manufacturers.

Inglis says he won't 'dictate' cyber workforce policy

National Cyber Director Chris Inglis said that part of his job in the cybersecurity workforce arena will be ensuring that the roles of different agencies are coordinated.

Can small businesses keep up with defense cyber requirements?

The Defense Department is launching a study to assess how well companies can handle cyber self-assessments.

Senators call for ban on U.S. government personnel use of Chinese ride-sharing apps

A pair of lawmakers want the Departments of State and Defense to enact a global prohibition on U.S. diplomatic and military personnel from using digital transportation platforms like Didi Chuxing, a Chinese-based ride-sharing service growing in popularity around the world.

Cyber Command’s acquisition growing pains

A Government Accountability Office report found that while CyberCom has matured its Joint Cyber Warfighting Architecture, it doesn’t yet have the metrics needed to justify investments in new capabilities.

Pentagon increases cyber funding request for 2023

With more than $11 billion in cyber funding, DOD plans to add cyber teams, continue roll out of zero trust architecture, and improve cybersecurity support for the defense industrial base.

Navy CIO says the service is 'on the cusp' of CAC-less cloud access

In an effort to bring the Navy's technology into the present day, CIO Aaron Weis says the service is testing solutions that would allow personnel to connect from virtually any (approved) device without a common access card.

CISA's Easterly wants to close the cyber workforce gender gap by 2030

Women currently constitute about one quarter of the global cyber field, according to estimates.

From defense budgets to the battlefield, cyber will continue to take priority

Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.), the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said cyber will continue to be a budget priority as it becomes "critical" on the battlefield.