Cyber Defense

CISA add industrial control specialists to Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative

Companies in the space are trying to shape public policy and push for money agencies can use to—among other things—track their devices and other assets.

Navy to explore land to sea cyber defense technology in upcoming exercise

Proposals are due later this month for the event, which will unfold starting September 6.

Army sees results as it continues to expand its data-driven tools and cloud ecosystem

A senior official shed light on progress the branch is making in its modernization pursuits.

US-EU alignment on tech policy shaky in face of Russian aggression

The conflict in Ukraine is reinforcing an industry-friendly argument for how the government should regulate cybersecurity.

Quantum tech still too young to warrant export controls, defense advisers warn

A report commissioned by the Pentagon helps provide insight into how various federal agencies fit into big-picture policy considerations on the emerging national security issue.

The U.S. is working to improve Ukraine’s cyber defenses in the face of Russian threat

The prospect of a cyberattack amid heightened regional tensions creates a stark contrast against delicate diplomatic efforts the U.S. is pursuing to thwart ransomware criminals officials say are operating out of Russia.

Cyber and other transaction agreements

Other transaction agreements will be subject to the Defense Department’s unified cybersecurity standard, according to Katie Arrington, DOD’s chief information security officer for acquisition.

White House unhappy with NDAA's cyber strategy demand

President Trump indicates he's opposed to a congressional demand for a cybersecurity strategy in the 2018 defense bill.

Army Chief of Staff says cyber warriors need to adapt to new threat environment

Gen. Milley said increased training and tactical adaptability would be necessary for soldiers to confront near-peer threats.

DISA and the Army use commercial cloud to enable SIPRNet smartphone networking

Cloud migration is helping with JRSS implementation and additional security on combat-relevant handheld devices.

Army pushes recruiting and retaining cyber talent

The Army is taking aggressive steps to strengthen its cyber workforce through a series of ongoing evaluations.

Navy cyber director amps use of AI and computer automation

The Navy’s Digital Warfare Office is turning to AI for cyber defense.

Air Force Extends the Development of its Cyber Mission Platform

The service continues developing its first unified platform to operate and deploy offensive cyber tools.

Navy unveils new data analytics strategy

A new Navy Strategy for Data and Analytics Optimization calls for faster innovation, deployment and integration with emerging commercial technology.

Industry explores cyber defense specific to Navy ships at sea

As an investigation into the collision involving the Navy’s USS John McCain moves forward, industry innovators have sharpened their focus on technologies designed to secure ships from cyberattack.

Air Force CISO says innovation key to future cyber defense

According to senior Air Force officials, airmen are encouraged to take an innovative approach to cyber defense.

DARPA looks for tech to wipe out botnets, cyberattacks

Research agency wants to develop autonomous software agents that can locate and destroy botnets.