Defense topline funding could see a bump, panel chairman says

The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, told reporters he was confident that defense budget limits could be increased beyond the White House's request.

Lawmakers want to know how much bad software costs DOD

When the House Armed Services Committee begins its markup process of the annual defense authorization bill on June 8, look out for a provision asking the Pentagon to account for wasted money and lost productivity caused by poorly performing software.

Defense officials review AI initiatives within new office

A House committee hearing questioned defense officials about the agency's new AI officer role and the ethics underpinning emerging tech.

Acquisition experts ask Congress to address decline in small business awards

Congress should work to develop new procurement vehicles and streamline compliance and security requirements to counteract category management practices and other issues causing a steep drop in the number of small businesses in the federal marketplace, experts said on Thursday.

The Navy needs to do a better job finding the right job for its cyber specialists, officials say

Adm. Michael Gilday, the chief of naval operations, told the House Armed Services Committee the Navy has struggled with matching cyber talent with teams.

Biden already willing to increase recent defense spending request

Just six weeks after requesting $773 billion for 2023, the Pentagon’s No. 2 acknowledges the military may need more money, due to inflation.

New cyber bill calls for shadow IT assessment at VA

The bill tasks VA with obtaining an independent cybersecurity review of the agency's most critical systems.

Lawmakers worry about cyber risks in space

Senators questioned the commanders of Space Command and Strategic Command on their plans to handle an increase in space-based threats.

Defense firms brace for billions of dollars in new taxes, and hope for congressional relief

If a 2017 law stays in place, there’s a fear U.S. companies would reduce research-and-development spending.

DOD needs streamlined processes, more data in congressional reports

Congress’ watchdog issued several recommendations for the Department of Defense and its congressional reporting procedures, hinging on internal communications and improved data. 

What does a CR mean for DOD tech talent?

The Defense Department and military services often rely on pay incentives to recruit and retain tech talent, and these could be hampered by long term stopgap funding.

Lawmakers Ask Biden To Make Sure DOD Follows Climate Rules

The Pentagon has said it will not seek an exemption to the climate goals.

Is there a path forward in Congress for mandatory cyber incident reporting?

A group of lawmakers is seeking legislation that would require private companies to report cyber incidents and ransomware attacks to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, despite their efforts being derailed late last year.

Defense officials press lawmakers for a 2022 appropriation

Defense officials warned lawmakers that some programs and tech efforts could be delayed or eliminated if Congress fails to pass a 2022 defense spending bill soon.