Budget and Funding

DOD still struggles with IT controls, audit finds

The Defense Department failed to get a clean opinion in its fourth annual financial audit, highlighting ongoing struggles to accurately account for IT systems.

Is reform enough for the U.S. to keep its technological edge?

Mike Brown, the director of the Defense Innovation Unit, said the acquisition reform is needed for the requirements, budgeting processes.

Future uptick in IT spending expected, acting DOD CIO says

Rising IT and cyber budgets may lay ahead as the Defense Department moves forward with implementing zero trust architecture and begins relying more on artificial intelligence.

House passes 2022 defense policy bill

The House passed its version of the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act with a $24 billion topline spending increase over the Biden administration's budget proposal, potentially eliminating a major hurdle once the bill heads into conference with the Senate.

Inglis: First rule of cyber education is budget accountability

The newly appointed cyber director has been setting priorities and carving out turf for his office to cover. With that will likely come some scrutiny of how the government spends resources on cyber.

How the Pentagon copes with funding hiccups

The Government Accountability Office examines some of the Defense Department's tactics to lessen the effects of inconsistent funding during continuing resolutions.

House panel passes 2022 NDAA with eye on cyber workforce

The House Armed Services Committee passed its version of the 2022 defense policy bill, 57-2.

House panel overrides Biden's topline military budget

The House Armed Services Committee adopted an amendment that would increase defense spending by $24 billion over the requested amount to about $770 billion.

Spending debate brews ahead of NDAA markup

Days before it considers its version of the 2022 must-pass defense policy bill, the House Armed Services Committee is setting up for a topline spending debate with a bill that highlights acquisition and cyber provisions.

Defense spending, policy bills may not clear until December

Sen. Kristen Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) said budget delays could mean a continuing resolution to start fiscal 2022.

Brace for debates on legacy systems, acquisition reform in NDAA, lawmaker says

Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) said the defense budget debate could be “pretty contentious” when it comes to convincing congress members to divest of legacy systems that heavily involve their districts.

Army modernization under scrutiny amid planned budget cuts

Lawmakers worry the Army's modernization efforts could be undermined by a flat budget proposal for fiscal 2022.

Air Force wants $800 million for enterprise IT as a service

The Air Force is looking to boost its enterprise IT services with capabilities that can support Joint All Domain Command and Control efforts

Navy projects $133 million in business system reforms savings for 2022

The Navy claims it saved $4.2 billion through reform efforts for its fiscal 2022 budget request via business process and systems improvement and divestments.

Senate defense committee delays NDAA markup

Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.), chairman for the Senate Armed Services Committee, announced that the committee would delay marking up the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act due to "uncertainty" in White House budget delivery.

HASC chair calls for new incentives to reduce defense costs

Divesting of legacy systems to make way for new technologies is expensive and at the heart of the Defense Department's budget debate. But could new incentives for contractors make a difference?

Consortium OTAs suffer from lack of guidance, data, IG finds

The Defense Department's internal watchdog found a lack of data on other transaction awards made through consortiums.